1. Install DoorsCSE
2. Copy the following files to your calculator:
- BJWLBG.8xv

How To Play:
- Arrow keys move the cursor
- 2nd key selects a gem
- 2nd key swaps a gem while another gem is selected
- Mode key opens up the menu
- Clear key exits the game

Custom Backgrounds:
There are a bunch of extra backgrounds you can use in the backgrounds folder.
Inside each folder you'll find an image file and a file called BJWLBG. Send the
BJWLBG file to your calculator and it'll set the background to match the image.

You can get a custom background by replacing the BJWLBG.8xv file with your
own custom background. It must be a xLIBC compatible 160x120 pixel 32 color
image. You can make one with TokenIDE, downloadable at