Calculus Program/App (May 17, 2015)

----Description and Usage----
This program is designed to assist users in the topics of calculus. The topics are based off of an AP Calculus BC curriculum so that both AB and BC topics are included.
To navigate through the menus, press UP or DOWN to move the cursor. Pres ENTER or RIGHT to select the option. Press LEFT to go back. Press CLEAR to quit.
Alternatively, press the number to choose an option.

There are several functions embedded into this program.

	This function renders the most of the text that is part of the program. Press any key to clear the screen and return to the menus.
	This function can solve problems/formulas that range from 2 variables to 9 variables. 
	While the program is running, press UP or DOWN to move the cursor.
	Press 2ND to edit a value of the variable.
	Press ENTER to reset all variables to zero.
	Press CLEAR to exit.
	If the result of a variable is 0, the result will not show.
	This function allows the user to put in upto three custom notes. They are located under the Pre-Calculus menu. 
	Input the note when prompted. The notes will automatically save in the u, v, w equation variables.

The program is compatible with both monochrome and color calulators (TI-83/84/+/SE/CSE/CE).
Send CALCULUS.8xp to your calculator using TI-Connect or TILP.

The app is compatible with only monochrome calculators (TI-83/84/+/SE).
Send CALCULUS.8xk to your calculator using TI-Connect or TILP.

The user is free to modify this program and distribute is. However, credit must be given to the original author when appropriate.
As the author, I am not liable for any harm or done by this program.

If you have any questions, concerns, or praise, find me at

Thanks for downloading!

Version 1.1	Initial Program Limited Release
Version 1.3	Program and App Build