|                                       |
|            Science Friction           |
|  Adapted from STEM Behind Hollywood   |
|  by and (c) 2014 Texas Instruments    |
|                                       |
| TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition port by   |
| Christopher Mitchell of Cemetech;     |
| teacher and student handouts modified |
| with apologies and an olive branch    |
| to TI. Images adapted from TI-Nspire  |
| activity.                             |
|                                       |

Included in this package:
- readme.txt: This document
- Science_Friction_Teacher.pdf: Teacher notes
- Science_Friction_Student.pdf: Student handout
- SCIFRICT.8xp: TI-84+CSE Science Friction program
- SFTD.8xv: AppVar containing text and images

Please see either of the PDF files for how to
load and use this activity. It requires Doors CS 8.1
or higher, available from http://dcs.cemetech.net.

Image Credits:
Images used are adapted from the original TI activity. Artistic license was
taken in modifying, repositioning, re-coloring, and resizing artwork for the
TI-84+CSE's screen.

- Texas Instruments for creating the original TI-Nspire activity (and for
  tolerating this port).
- Cemetech member tifreak8x for beta-testing and encouragement, as well as his
  invaluable work in taking screenshots of the TI-Nspire activity that allowed
  this activity to be completed in days instead of months.
- Electromagnet8's tireless beta-testing, and assistance and encouragement from
  MateoConLechuga, JamesV, and many other Cemetech members.
- Patrick Prendergast ("tr1p1ea") for creating the superb xLIBC library that
  makes this activity's graphics possible.
- Shaun McFall ("Merthsoft") for TokenIDE, with which the sprite and full-screen
  graphics in this activity were converted.
- SourceCoder 3 and jsTIfied for making coding and testing fast and easy.

2015 Feb 9: Version 1.0 released
2015 Feb 7: Beta release tested on Cemetech
2015 Jan 22: Development begun