Sign Finder v1.0

By TI-Freakware

Sign Finder is a game to exercise your brain by reading equations and filling in the
missing math symbol as quickly as you are able to. Your high scores are determined
by getting more correct than you had previously.

This game has 2 modes, Normal and Marathon play. Normal gives you 25 equations,
Marathon is never ending. Until you get one wrong, that is. Normal you can get all
25 equations incorrect and still play. You can only get one wrong on Marathon before
it passes you off to the score card.

To play this game, you need to send SGNFNDR.8xp and SGNFNDPC.8xv to your TI-84 Plus
Color Edition archive, along with having Doors CSE 8.1 (minimum version this game
works with) installed on your calculator. Run from either the home screen or from
Doors CSE.

The keys:

-2nd or Enter progresses you through menu options
-up and down arrow keys move the cursor
-/ * - + keys answers the equations
-clear or mode backs out of the game, ends marathon to score card, normal play to title

If you have questions, feedback, or bug reports, feel free to send me an email, or visit TI-Freakware's forums and make a post!