Survival! By: APotato

Game Guide

Created for Cemetech Contest 12 “Educational Shenanigans” By APotato. This Program can be used with “Exploring Heredity and Diversity” Lab: “Stayin’ Alive”. For comments or constructive criticism please email me at

Download Information:
To download, use any calculator connection program (ex. TI Connect or TILP) and send the “Survival” program to your calculator. Calculator requirements: TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition with 7725 archive free (8KB).

Part One “Briefing” : Use the beginning of the program to teach students the concept of survival of the fittest. Students can then understand the game better. 

Part Two “Species Creation”: Use the 1 or 2 key to select what variation of trait you would like your species to have.

Part Three “Game Start”: You will notice two numbers, one in the upper left and one in the upper right. 
1                                         200

The number on the upper left is a year indicator, once you finish year 15, you will have survived and finished the game. The number on the upper right is the organism count, this is how many of your species you have. If this number gets below 30, your species will have died out and you will lose the game.

Part Four A “MiniGames”: Based upon your selections in Part Two, you will have to face different disasters. Each disaster has different gameplay and all are a challenge.

Part Four B “Predator Attacks”: This version of Survival only allows you to play as a primary consumer. If your species cannot fly you have to outrun your predator. Repeatedly press any key to run forward (Challenge!: Use the 2nd key only if you want a challenge). If you (the green bar) get caught by the predator (the red bar) your organism count will go down, this goes for all of the other minigames. If you survive, then you will continue with no bonus. If your species can fly, then you must fly away from your predator. You will have to dodge branches while escaping. You will see an arrow appear on the screen when this game starts. Press the corresponding key to dodge the branch. The number in the top left indicates the amount of lives you have. If you dodge ten branches you will survive.

Part Four C “Disease”: The disease minigame is by far the hardest minigame and to beat it, you require tons of luck. Use your arrow keys to control the green “?” and avoid the infected red “0”. If you move outside the screen you will die.

Part Four D “Droughts/Food Shortages”: Oh noes! There has been a drought and the food you eat is no longer available. If you eat fruit, you must decide which tree to go search for fruit. Use the 1-4 number keys to make your selection. If you guess wrong, you will starve! If you eat seeds or nuts, you must decide where to search for nuts and seeds. Enter a X and Y value. If the value is not in the parameters, it will request you to input a different number. You have 3 guesses to find the seeds.

Part Five “You Win!”: Congrats! :D

Known Bugs and fixes: At the title screen if the tree is on the right side and you have used another program earlier, enter that program then quit it. Ex. Kerm Martians 2048, Enter the game then navigate to quit. That should fix the problem.


If you have any problems please email me at