Timer ReadMe
Thank you for downloading my second cross-compatible program, Timer.

Instructions: Right-click on the Timer program and click "send to TI device".

Compatible: Cross-compatible with the TI 83 Plus\SE and TI 84 Plus\SE\CSE

How to use the Timer: I split the Timer program into 2 sections. One is "Count Down" and the other is "Stop Watch".

Count Down: Press the up and down arrow keys to set how much time you want the Timer to count down from. Press (Enter) when you're finished setting the Timer and the Timer will start counting down. Pressing (Enter) will pause the Timer and pressing (Enter) again will resume the Timer.
Stop Watch: Press (Enter) to start the Stop Watch. Pressing (Enter) again will pause it. Pressing (Enter) another time will resume it. Pressing the minus key resets the Stop Watch and pressing the clear key exits the Stop Watch and goes to the "Main Menu".

Future versions: z80 Assembly or App. Fixing UI problems that I didn't have time to fix. Add laps to Stop Watch. Make it as powerful as a Smartphone.