Customizable Formula Solver 7/10/2014

Compatible with TI-8x series, including TI-84+CSE.
Send FORMULA.8xp to your calculator
Edit Line 2 and 3 if you want to change the type of formula.
Line 2: A string that represents the general formula stored into Str9. Make sure that each variable is represented by one letter.
Line 3: Available options for the users to select separated by commas. 

This program can solve simple formulas such as Q=MGH, F=MA, D=RT, V=LWH, P=VI, etc.

General Usage:
Run the program from either the homescreen or a shell. 
Select all known options using 2nd but leave one blank.
Press Enter to continue.
Input the prompted values.
The answer is shown on the graphscreen under the options.

Advanced Usage:
Here is an example to what can be done with this. Omit line 2 and 3 from prgmFORMULA.
Lbl A
Lbl B
Lbl C
Lbl D
Thanks for downloading Customizable Formula Solver!