By Timothy 'Geekboy1011' Keller
Original Game design by Scognito.

The goal of Scogger is to remove all the lily pads from the screen by jumping on them. 
    You can move forward, left, and right but not backwards, with no jump distance limit!

This project is currently in a Beta state, And requires DCS 7.2 OR GREATER
Source Code is available at https://bitbucket.org/Geekboy1011/scogger-ti

 Dpad - Move
 2nd - Select menu item
 Mode - Restart
 Del - Quit/Go back to menu

Current Features
 100 levels
 4 level grayscale graphics
 3 different gamemodes

Missing Features/ToDo list

Q: How FaithFul to the original levels are the ones included in your port?
A: Very All but 3 levels required only rotating to make work. A few levels were edited or
   have had the first move made but shy of that they are the same

Q: Is the font supposed to be like that. I mean look at those raised M's
A: No its a bug but no point in fixing it i think its looks quirky

Q: Hey why doesnt the game start up? I Run it and it just exits?
A: This game _Requires_ Dcs 7.2 Or higher. No the 7.2Betas will not work. 


If you have any questions concerns bug reports ETC Please contact me
I am locatable on #omnimaga or #cemetech ON efnet as Geekboy or on 
Omnimaga.org or Cemetech.net as Geekboy1011

Thanks for playing!!!!