Flamerman - The Beginning

Luxen De'Mark


Flamerman is the story of Hal, a person living in the magical land of Jaro City.

Hal is just an average person who dreams of being a hero. Then, one day, Hal hears over the news that a Dragon is wreaking havoc in the sewers! If the dragon were to escape to the city, then Jaro might be destroyed. Upon hearing this, Hal rushes to the sewers to prove himself great and defeat the dragon!


Send Flamer.8xg to your calculator and extract, then run ASTART.


!, !	Move left/Right.

!, !	Use Ladder

2nd	Jump

Dragon's Chamber:

Alpha	Deflect fireball


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Flamerman is Copyrighted to Luxen De'Mark.

story elements may not be used without permission from the author. if you want to use some of the code in your own programs, go ahead. thumbs up if you include me somewhere!