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More Information Eigenmath [[Screenshots] [Reviews] [10/10]]
This is a port of the powerful Eigenmath math engine, by George Weigt, to the Casio Prizm, providing numerous math functions not originally available in these calculators, including symbolic computation. This port includes a function catalog, ability to create and execute scripts, draw graphs, and much more. All 100+ Eigenmath commands work. Output is pretty-printed whenever possible, and 200 lines of output are stored for scrolling at any time. Command execution can be stopped. The state of the add-in is optionally automatically saved when exiting. Source code and more info is available at: . This add-in will surely become an indispensable part of your calculator.
More Information Number sytem converter [[Screenshots]]
This is a simple number system converting tool for Casio calculators written in BASIC
More Information Periodic Table of the Elements [[Screenshots] [9/10]]
This is a periodic table of the elements for the Casio Prizm. While I was working on this, Casio released one of their own, but this one is smaller, so it's worth using if you're tight on space or like me more than Casio.
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