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More Information CasiOffice [[Screenshots]]
I am pleased to announce the creation of CasiOffice, a new applications suite that includes Writer 9, Cells 3, and the brand-new Canvas 1. With CasiOffice you can create documents, spreadsheets, and images on your calculator. Writer is a word processor that creates documents which can be read by anyone with a Lines system or Writer 8, while Cells is a spreadsheet program that can manage your data for you. The new Canvas 1 allows you to create pictures that can not only be read by Canvas, but by Writer, so you can import pictures created with Canvas into Writer, or vice versa. And all of these programs no longer require the use of a product key, making them easier to use as well as distribute. The password to unlock the source code for these programs is 21981.
More Information Ceasar Cipher Dial [[Screenshots]]
Enter a string (only input letters and spaces or it will not work). After some work on the calculator's end, a ceasar cipher dial will appear on the screen. You can change the shift value by scrolling with the left and right keys on the arrowpad.
More Information CGlock [[Screenshots] [9.5/10]]
[Warning: This add-in is obsolete, unsupported, and in rare cases may brick your Prizm. Caveat downloader.] A simple add-in that lets you lock your Prizm. The first time it is run it will ask you for the unlock code, but if you want to set a new code later, press OPTN at the main CGlock screen and then press F4. Full instructions and details in the README file included in the archive.
More Information Audio Player for Casio Prizm [[Reviews] [2/10]]
This is updated version of the wave player. Changes: - COM speed increased 4x (to 460800), so it is 1/4 of COM speed used by fxPlayer. This means sound quality is better, but do not expect miracles. I was able to directly access the sio registers (thank you Simon :-) ), but it seems the serial port is less powerful compared to the one in 9860G (one speed register is missing and fifo is only 16 B). - player remained synchronous, but it is able to play the whole wav - it creates the map of the file in flash and while playing it reads the file from flash directly (see source for details) I am not sure I will be able to increase the sound quality, I thing I touch the HW limits
More Information ChipEmu -- An SCHIP-8/CHIP-8 emulator for the Casio Prizm. [[Screenshots] [10/10]]
This emulator lets you run many classic video games using the SCHIP-8/CHIP-8 programming language. Some example public domain ROMs are included in the ROMs/ folder in the zip file. Now with even faster CPU emulation and display scaling.
More Information Casio prizm mpeg2 player [[Screenshots]]
This is more of a frontend to libmpeg2; source can be found at:
More Information Clock [[Screenshots] [9/10]]
Version 2.0 This add-in lets you display and change the time on your prizm. It also has a calendar that lets you scroll through months. See the README for details and changes.
More Information Chesstimer v1.1 beta
[[Chesstimer v1.1 beta]] by TakeFlight Productions (flyingfisch) Licensed under the CC share and share alike license [[Installation]] Simply put it on your prizm. [[Usage]] Run with the LuaZM interpretor. Select the number of minutes you want the game to last with the up/down keys. Press [EXE]. When you are ready to start the game press [F1]. The two bars at the bottom give a large visualization of the time each player has left. When finished, press [exit].
More Information G-CLOCK [[Screenshots]]
It should not come as a Great SHOCK that G-CLOCK is foremost a Great CLOCK add-in for CASIO fx-CG10/fx-CG20 and G-SHOCK fans will love it especially. Updated version adds current time and battery voltage display to MAIN MENU status bar and current date to the MAIN MENU icon of the add-in itself. Pressing [EXE] or [MENU] switches between the above and a familiar digital watch style display (however launching the add-in via shortcut without selecting it first in the MAIN MENU won’t change the date on the G-CLOCK’s MAIN MENU icon, etc). The functionality was extended from just switching between main menu and timekeeping mode to allowing navigating/launching of other apps and add-ins by their relevant keys/shortcuts (1 for Run-Mat, and so on) from both modes. I also added SET UP (SHIFT > MENU) key for setting up the desired time by this add-in and it should automatically detect if the current year is set below 2016, implemented some other improvements. I may extend those settings to set up user defined shortcuts for custom scripts in the future. And may also try to allow launching of the same scripts from my LOCK add-in if it won’t increase LOCK’s add-in size too much. Looking forward to your feedback on please.
More Information JPEG and PNG image viewer [[Screenshots] [9/10]]
A viewer for pictures in JPEG and PNG formats. This add-in will help you avoid the hassle of having to convert pictures to G3P format so you can view them on your calculator! It can also work as an eActivity strip. Multiple zoom levels supported for JPEG viewing, and long file names supported in the file browser. Lossless and Progressive JPEG not supported. Interlaced PNG not supported. Now with fx-CG 50 / Graph 90+E support.
More Information Key2Text [[Screenshots]]
Key2Text is a program/routine that allows you to have a user press a letter key and the calculator will instantly throw the correct letter in to a string and display it on the screen. Weighs in at only 368 bytes.
More Information Lock [[Screenshots]]
Amazonka's Lock add-in is minimalistic and very Casio OS looking interface to power off and subsequently unlock your Prizm/Casio FX-CG. It locks the calculator using Casio's built-in User Name password as registered under System manager from MAIN MENU. Even if User Name setup is deleted, the latest available password (if ever registered) will still work. This also means no additional setup or files in main or storage memory are needed to store your password, i.e. resetting main and storage memories without wiping add-ins will not effect the lock functionality. Even deleting User password won't effect the add-in: only user name and org will show in red then. |Provided a password was ever registered in System manager | |==>the add-in will lock and power down the calculator. | |==>The add-in then request this password on turning the calculator | |== >If the matching password is entered | | | |==>the MAIN MENU is returned (now WITHOUT extra pop-ups and subsequent presses of [MENU]) | or | |==>or a bult-in main menu APP of your choice is launched | |==>If the calulator is left idle beyond the backlight duration setting the add-in will power off the calculator. * your choice of where your are taken upon unlock will be remembered by the add-in until you change it (by [Up]/[Down] buttons). * If no password was ever registered the add-in will launch System manager instead and navigate you to the where you need to do user setup - please REMEMBER YOUR PASSWORD! Add-in now also has functionality to: * show your battery voltage (via [Up]/[Down] selection or [Menu] shortcut); * reset the calculator (via [Up]/[Down] selection - useful for anyone who disabled the reset button at back of the calculator); * setup auto power off for any amount of minutes interval between 1 and 120 minutes. ([Shift]then [Menu] to setup then [Up]/[Down] to increase/decrease) * replace Conversion add-in - just rename this add-in to Conv.g3a and it will enable the same in RunMat (i.e. [Optn] then [F6] in RunMat will have Convert above [F1]) * other small improvements (Unadmissable characters filter, USB protection) Tested successfully on Casio FX-CG20 (OS 02.00.0200 and 01.04.0200). On the emulator everything besides powering down/reset works. Comments:
More Information [PRIZM] Mode 7 Test [[Screenshots]]
This is a port of a Mode 7 engine by t0xic_kitt3n on Omnimaga. The original: topic=15526.msg282527#msg282527 It works quite well. Controls: [8] = Forward [5] = Backward [4] = Left [6] = Right [7] = Rotate Left [9] = Rotate Right
More Information Menu example [[Screenshots]]
This plugin shows you how to display the full-featured menu. More information here: or here:
More Information OverClui [[Screenshots] [Reviews]]
[Warning: This add-in is obsolete, unsupported, and has been known to brick Prizm calculators. Caveat downloader.] An user-friendly tool to change the speed of the Prizm's CPU. Does the same as Pover but doesn't have advanced parameters and the CPU clock can only go as high as 94.3 MHz, to avoid problems when overclocking to 101.5 MHz. The speed is selected and displayed on a nice rule selector.
More Information Pover 1.2 -- Prizm Overclocking/Underclocking utility [[Screenshots] [Reviews] [9.6666666666667/10]]
The Prizm can finally be overclocked, or underclocked, at will! Want to play a game faster? Want to slow down operations to save your battery life a bit? Now you can overclock up to 94.3MHz, or underclock to as low as 3.6 MHz at the touch of a few keys! A very handy, small utility (under 30KB for the add-in), pick it up today and have even more control over your device! Now updated, so you can change your ICLK CPU clock division ratio to crank a teeny bit more speed out! You can also monitor the other bus speeds on your calculator, and now safely clock up to 94.3 MHz!
More Information Power Utils [[Screenshots]]
Power Utils lets you change your Backlight and Power Off timeouts to values other than the presets in Settings! You can save your battery by having a power off timeout of 1 minute instead of 10 minutes! You can also (temporarily) change your LCD brightness either to the max or the min (completely off). You can also check the exact voltage of your batteries!
More Information Ptune2/Ftune2 (SH7305 CPG&BSC tuning utility) [[Screenshots]]
This tool modify CPG(Clock Pulse Generator) and BSC(Bus State Controller).

-Your Calculator to the world of over 200MHz!!
-memory speed test automatically.
-freq/wait settings store and recall with the function key.
-Save setting to file (main memory). load data automatically on the next run.

-- related topic --

-- related link --

v1.01 2015. 2.28
-To solve problems in memtest failure.(When PLL limit is low, and memory limit is high.)
-memory red zone ( dangerous range) 3% -> 5%
-default I/O frequency MAX 30MHz -> 24MHz. and default preset I/O frequency is adjusted. -renewed some source codes. as a result, file size decreased.

====== Warning!!! ========
This tool is made to work safely, but unknown malfunction may happen.
This tool can cause damage on your calculator!
Use it at your own risk.
will not be responsible for any damage.
More Information Pizm (pi learner) [[Screenshots]]
This little plug-in can display the first 15000 digits (following the decimal point) of π (number pi). You can use it just for fun but this program can also help you by learning the digits. Currently 15000 digits are stored but if you need more (I can't imagine why...) just write me and I will add more digits. It's important that digits are stored and not computed, future releases might include this feature. Source available under GPLv3 at:
More Information QR code generator
QR code generator generates QR codes in Basic on Casio Prizm. This version is 2 times faster than the previous beta.
More Information RTC Example
This programs shows how to use a few registers of the RTC unit, including the 64 Hz timer and the H/M/S registers. Meant as a working code demo. Use at your own risk.
More Information Utilities [[Screenshots] [10/10]]
Utilities is an add-in full of functionality not originally found on the Casio Prizm calculators. This includes a JPEG image viewer, file manager (rename, copy, move, search and compress), text editor, clock, chronometers, calendar with events (day, week and month views) and event search, task list, text editor, balance manager, password generator, calculator lock, and much more. Utilities replaces six different add-ins, in less than 185 KiB. Source code is available at: . See for more information and installation instructions, as well as links to download an edition with support for PicoC scripts.
More Information Writer Writer 8 [[Screenshots]]
This word processor for Casio fx-CG 10 is the next iteration in the Writer family; those of you with Lines XT (within which Writer 7 is included) may already be familiar with Writer. Writer 8 has some improvements over Writer 7 that you may like, including integrated installation options to choose whether Writer 8 can be used with Lines XT (so that you don't have to have Lines to run Writer 8), two document save capabilities, and of course, backwards compatibility with Writer 7. If you choose to install Writer 8 as an "upgrade" of Writer 7 for XT, you should also install the newest version of Lines XT as soon as it's uploaded so that you can access Writer 8 successfully. As usual, please read the manual for complete instructions, and feel free to contact me with questions. The password is still 7808.
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