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More Information 15-game [[Screenshots]]
This is the classic sliding puzzle game for Casio PRIZM calculators written in C. Source available under GPLv3:
More Information CGDoom [[Screenshots] [Reviews] [2/10]]
Hello, I would like to introduce you my attempt to port Doom to Casio Prizm. Standard Doom requires about 8 MB RAM, so do not expect anything :-) It is in a very early stage, slow and it will probably crash due to failed malloc. Controls: arrows - movement [alpha] - fire [exe] - use (open the door,...) [^] - iddqd + idkfa :-) [F1] ~ [F5] - weapon select [Menu] - exit (the calculator will be in somehow wrong state, if menu is not working, try to turn it off and on) Uploading here on KermMartian request.
More Information Flappy Bird (Prizm Version) [[Screenshots]]
A while ago I wrote a port of Flappy Bird to the Casio Prizm. I never released it, but now here it is. I hope you enjoy. I re-uploaded with a version that has sprite rotation. It's slower and not too pretty, but if you want to try it, go ahead. The not rotating version is still in there so you can still use that. There is no highscore or main menu.
More Information G-CLOCK [[Screenshots]]
It should not come as a Great SHOCK that G-CLOCK is foremost a Great CLOCK add-in for CASIO fx-CG10/fx-CG20 and G-SHOCK fans will love it especially. Updated version adds current time and battery voltage display to MAIN MENU status bar and current date to the MAIN MENU icon of the add-in itself. Pressing [EXE] or [MENU] switches between the above and a familiar digital watch style display (however launching the add-in via shortcut without selecting it first in the MAIN MENU won’t change the date on the G-CLOCK’s MAIN MENU icon, etc). The functionality was extended from just switching between main menu and timekeeping mode to allowing navigating/launching of other apps and add-ins by their relevant keys/shortcuts (1 for Run-Mat, and so on) from both modes. I also added SET UP (SHIFT > MENU) key for setting up the desired time by this add-in and it should automatically detect if the current year is set below 2016, implemented some other improvements. I may extend those settings to set up user defined shortcuts for custom scripts in the future. And may also try to allow launching of the same scripts from my LOCK add-in if it won’t increase LOCK’s add-in size too much. Looking forward to your feedback on please.
More Information G-PLUS [[Screenshots]]
Two add-ins: BETA shell-like version of G-PLUS add-in together with an experimental version of G-SHOCK add-in retaining most feature of the following release but is capable of adding time display not only to MAIN MENU status bar but also to the status bar of almost all built in apps (I excluded eAct and Memory apps on purpose, i.e. they will launch but without the time display, also navigating with up/down or right/left buttons from MAIN MENU will remove time display). Having this new G-CLOCK on its own will work for most circumstances but Stats and Graphs sometimes have to be stripped of time display, depending on which was launched first basically, and for Stats specifically depending on whether RunMat was launched before, etc… Combining both G-PLUS and the new G-CLOCK add-ins enclosed in this archive is designed to eliminate the above problem. Alternatively running just G-PLUS without new G-CLOCK launches RunMat with time displayed in its status bar. If you want it to launch another built in app with time in its status bar instead you will need to run SETUP in my password protection add-in Lock first by up/down selection as per please (or ask on the forum if you need clearer instructions or use more options like power options etc). For more G-CLOCK details (or last non-Beta release of it) please see and I’m looking forward to your feedback as always.
More Information Message [[Screenshots] [8/10]]
Amazonka's Message add-in: inspired by flyingfisch' add-in PrintXY_2 Reference but made from scratch to show more than one message on each screen and therefore saving time and repetitive key presses when going through the system messages. It also prints the system mesages in the way which makes it easier to see if there any blanks in the message for its total length purposes, etc. Usage: [Exit] will take you to the start screen with the other instructions... [any key] next page, [Up] previous page, [Right]/[Left] skip +/- 10 pages. Source code: included in zip archive. It currently compiles without issues under Windows on my side. While working on other add-ins I have discovered better ways of printing messages transparently over the background images and similar things, but have not implemented the code - you are welcome to play with it or extend it should a new system update come - as I limited the add-in to the currently known range of system messages as of OS 2.02 so that it loops within that range. Tested: Casio FX-CG20 and fx-CG Manager PLUS emulator. Comments:
More Information NESizm (NES Emulator) [[Screenshots] [10/10]]
NESizm is a Nintendo Entertainment System emulator for Prizm fx-CG10 and fx-CG50. It supports reasonably accurate emulation at full speed for the CG50 at native speed and the CG10 when overclocked. It supports most major titles. Full source code and information is available at
More Information Prizoop v1.1 (Gameboy Color Emulator) [[Screenshots] [9.1666666666667/10]]
Prizoop is a Game Boy and Game Boy Color emulator that is compatible with most popular titles. To install, just copy prizoop.g3a to the root of your Prizm, and any rom files you would like to play in the emulator the root as well (as .gb or .gbc files, with simple 8 character names). You can also compress files using the included Windows tool as .gbz and save a bit of space in exchange for slightly slower emulation. An embedded FAQ viewer is available that maintains your position in a text FAQ for each game. FAQ's are very readable thanks to calctype and sub-pixel text rendering. Simply include the FAQ as a ASCII encoded text file with the same name as your rom file but with a .txt extension. Includes full sound support (using a 2.5 mm to 3.5 mm adaptor), and can run almost all games at full speed. Source code and additional notes at the github:
More Information Snake v1.02 [[Screenshots]]
The classic snake game for Casio Prizm calculators. Feed the snake by controlling its head to the right direction, to eat the food, to get it grown. Avoid blocks and the tail of the snake. WARNING: upgrading from v1.00 or from v1.01 will reset your high scores and your current gameplay. Support: Source available under GPLv3 at:
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