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More Information BL-Atlantis.zip [MAP] BL-Atlantis
This fully developed map contains two levels of building: on the surface of the water, and in underwater colonies. Explore the submarine lava rivers as you create your builds, and ponder the flashes of lightning, rumbling thunder, and ominous clouds above the surface of the water. Just be sure to bring a raincoat so you don't get soaked by the rain.
More Information BL-Sahara.zip [MAP] BL-Sahara [[Screenshots]]
I've completed my third major Blockland map, called BL-Sahara. It is a desert map featuring my first work with fxFoliageReplicators: random cacti scattered throughout the landscape. The entire landscape is themed with several different colors of sand and dark red sandstone, a mix of Saharan deserts and temperate desertland characteristics. It also has sandstorm cloud textures and background sounds; multiple build areas and crevices make it ideal for building, racing, or deathmatches.
More Information cc2.zip [MAP] Cemetech City 2 [[Screenshots]]
Soon after the release of Cemetech City, I'm releasing Cemetech City 2, a heavily modded version of the map that contains a save, ThirdCity. It's texturally quite similar to Cemetech City, but there are empty spaces, particle emitters, and more that work with the save. The save file itself may well be the most extensive build ever created in Blockland: over 400KB, and spanning from below ground to 4.5 scale kilometers above ground, several kilometers in every direction laterally, it contains several cities, multiple towns, and three aboveground bases and jumper-assisted elevators. Go download it now, mess with it, and continue the build!
More Information cemetechai.zip Cemetech AI Beta 2
A few months ago, Jonathan Pezzino and I had worked on a fair artificially intelligent bot player script for the TBM Blockland mod. We both let it lapse as we got involved in other projects, yet recently, I rediscovered the source in an old backup. I posted it up, and since then, elfprince13, jpez, and I have brushed up on our TorqueScript and made a serviceable bot script. The script, downloadable at the link below, will allow the creation of relatively intelligent bot players that can hold and fire weapons, aim at players and other bots, give and receive damage, and even fight amongst each other. With a special mode we developed entitled Red vs. Blue, the bots can even band together in armies, with red fighting blue, blue attacking red, and both destroying the human players whenever possible. Enjoy this beta!

New features:
1. armies.
2. players can join armies.
3. red vs blue command to create red and blue armies
4. bots can be damaged by any weapon and can use any weapon (if you want nukes or flashlights you have to specifically give them to the bots using the 'cfa' server command)
5. bodyguards
6. bodyguards turn into normal bots upon death of the person they are protecting
More Information cemetechai3.zip CemetechAI
A \"mini\"-mod for DTB, this adds armies of bots, as well as other types of bots such as bodyguards. It also provides weapons patches for all 3 of kerm\'s space ships, a lag fix for the nuke, and a GUI for both DTB and CemetechAI itself. CemetechAI is a must download for all fans of TBM2 and DTB.
More Information CemetechCity.zip [MAP] Cemetech City [[Screenshots]]
Cemetech City is the first large-scale, city build map to hit TBM. It contains multiple towns and cities, a river, and a lake with islands for underwater builds. It also features roads connecting all the areas, each flattened and graded to be passable by the LEGO Cart. The main city has a 3x3 grid of 64x64 plates, with a single larger 128x128 plate at the edge for larger builds. There are places to build bridges, and five smaller towns have been given baseplates for easy builds. There are many other town spaces where baseplates can be added, and in addition there is a space for an airport and for a heliport or other small building.
More Information CemetechCityRemix.zip [MAP] Cemetech City Remix [[Screenshots]]
Cemetech City Remix is a refresh of the popular city-build map Cemetech City. Now more realistic-looking, it contains myriad areas to explore your creativity and build towns, towers, railroads, and anything you can come up with. Enjoy this map and check out my other maps.
More Information cts.zip Cemetech Towers Build [[Screenshots]]
Cemetech Towers has evolved over the course of a week from a simple framework, to a single 48-story skyscraper with a central elevator system, to a pair of advanced office buildings with a connecting bridge.
More Information DeltaWing.zip [Vehicle] DeltaWing [[Screenshots]]
This was my first flying vehicle for blockland, and my first with working weapons. It has particleEmitter jets, twin laser cannons, and support for a single rider. Excellent handling tweaking let you do loops, swoops, and tricks.
More Information kart2.zip [Vehicle] Kart2 [[Screenshots]]
Kart2 is the sequel to the original TBMCart. It is modelled from an actual LEGO set, and is modelled to look as realistic as possible. The physics, friction, and suspension have been carefully tailored to optimize the racing experience using it; it's possible to gradually turn, or quickly wrench the steering wheel to execute a "bootlegger's turn". Check out the screenies, and get the download. To spawn, just use commandtoserver('kart');
More Information psiwing.zip [Vehicle] PsiWing [[Screenshots]]
The PsiWing is a vehicle modelled by UltimatesS and me, and scripted by myself. It has the smoothest, most flexible handling of my three Greek-lettered flying vehicles, and allows a single player to fly throughout TBM. Check out the screenies, and get the download. To spawn, just use commandtoserver('psiadd');.
More Information SigmaFighter.zip [Vehicle] SigmaFighter [[Screenshots]]
This is the popular SigmaFighter vehicle for the TBM mod for Blockland. It features full flying vehicle dynamics, three independent weapons with original particles, sounds, and more.
More Information TBMTrains.zip [Vehicle] TBMTrain & TBMDiesel
This package contains both of my train vehicles to date, the original TBM Train and the subsequent TBM Diesel. Both allow multiple passengers (8 for the train, 3 for the diesel) and full manuverability. Both are mounted on highly realistic LEGO 9V train wheels and modelled from actual LEGO parts or sets. Check it out, and make easy tracks out of hull pieces until TBM tracks are completed.
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