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Archives: TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition BASIC Math Programs
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More Information 100Digits.zip 100 Digits of Pi
Memorise up to 100 decimal digits of pi with this program. It requires Doors CSE to work. The digits are displayed in 10 blocks. Have fun!
More Information 24GameSolver.zip 24 Game Solver [[Screenshots] [Reviews] [7.5/10]]
This program finds the solutions for the 24 game, a math puzzle where the 4 common math operators are used to create an expression equal to 24 with 4 random integers from 1-9. Just input the four numbers and, with time, this program will output the solutions. Compatible with TI-83/84/+/SE/CSE/CE. Check out http://www.cemetech.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=11386 or the readme for more information.
More Information AngleSketcher.zip Angle Sketcher
This will sketch any angle, in radians or degrees. Read the included readme for further directions/information.
More Information ARAM.zip Riemann Sums [[Screenshots]]
This program approximates area under a function with three different approximation methods: Rams, Trapezoidal Rule, and Simpson's Rule. Please read the readme for more info.
More Information ARC84C.zip Arc Length (TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition) [[Screenshots]]
The program ARC84C calculates the arc length of function Y1 between any two points. The function is then plotted and the arc length is colored in red. You can use the function Y1 in storage or enter a new one.
More Information AREABTWN.zip Area Between Curves (TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition) [[Screenshots]]
This calculates the area between two curves, Y1 and Y2. This program works best if you can set the graph screen to where the curves intersect at only two points. The program first searches for two intersections, one from the left side of the graph screen (Xmin) and one from the right (Xmax). After the area is calculated, both curves are graphed and the area between curves are shaded. Function and Radian modes are used.
More Information BASE.zip Base Converter [[Screenshots]]
This base converter is very simple to use. Converts bases from 2-32 and works very well! If you get errors, try deleting all variables and strings and try again. Message me if you have any problems.
More Information Calc2.zip Calc2: The better Calculator [[Screenshots]]
Calc2 is (in my opinion) a program that makes calculations MUCH easier. With auto fractions, equation solving, and more, it is a pretty awesome program. It is based of the built-in calculator in Mathtools, also made by me.
More Information CalculusProgram.zip Calculus Program [[Screenshots] [9/10]]
This Calculus Program is designed to assist students with the topics of calculus. The topics are based off of an AP Calculus BC class so that both AB and BC topics are included such as limits, L'Hopital's, related rates, Riemann sums, parametrics, polars, series, and more. The program includes specialized functions such as text wrapping, custom notes, and a customizable formula solver. Both a program and an app are included in this download. The program is compatible with monochrome and color calculators (TI-83/84/+/SE/CSE/CE). The app is only compatible with monochrome calculators (TI-83/84/+/SE).
More Information CELLAUTO.zip 1D Cellular Automata Renderer [[Screenshots]]
This program takes a user-input rule (from 0 - 255) and then draws that rule on the screen using a binary drawning method. It uses the three cells above the current cell to determine if it will be a 1 or 0.
More Information CENTER2D.zip 2D shape Centroid Finder [[Screenshots] [10/10]]
This program will allow you to find the centroid of any 2D shape by dividing the shape into sub-shapes. Finding the Area and individual centroid dimensions of each of these sub shapes will allow you to find the overall centroid. Just input the amount of shapes, and then the Area and centroid x&y's for each shape, and then the program will calculate the overall centroid using a series of List processes and specialized loops.
More Information CramersLaw.zip Cramer's Law solver [[Screenshots]]
DISCLAIMER: TEXT WILL BE CUT OFF ON NON-COLOR CALCS This program will solve a system of equations requiring a 3x3 matrix, using Cramer's law visually.
More Information CSE Pretty Math.zip CSE Pretty Math
Allows user input in a easy to use program. Evaluates math operations and displays in "pretty" format. At ~1200 bytes it is not a problem for memory confined calculators. Or stick with App4Math at 49,152 bytes!! your choice (; NOTE: will only work on the Ti-84 Plus C Silver Edition calculator models. Supported operations: +,-,*,/,^,=,>,< Was for experimental purposes but works really well. Try it out!
More Information CustomFormula.zip Customizable Formula Solver [[Screenshots]]
This program is able to be customized to solve a formula by editing line 2 and 3 of this program. It solves any simple formula such as Q=MGH, F=MA, V=LWH, etc. Compatible with TI-8x calculators, including TI-84+CSE. Please read the readme for more information.
More Information CustomFormulaPro.zip Custom Formula Pro [[Screenshots]]
Akin to FormulaPro for the TI-Nspire, this program can solve systems of formulas that range from 2 to 9 variables. It is compatible for TI-83/84/+/SE/CSE/CE calculators. You can input your known variables and, if it is solvable, the program will automatically solve and display the answers. In addition, this program can be customized to with your own formulas. This program is fully compatible for both monochrome and color calculators. For further info, check out the readme or the associated Cemetech topic at http://www.cemetech.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=11331.
More Information calculus.zip Calculus [[Screenshots]]
A math program that finds the arc length, average value theorem, Riemann sum, tangent finder, rotation volume/surface. Requires Doors CSE for the TI-84 Plus CSE. Works also on the TI-84 Plus CE.
More Information conics.zip Conics [[Screenshots]]
Conics gives the properties of a circle, ellipse, hyperbola and parabola.
More Information elitemath.zip ELITE Math 4 [[Screenshots]]
ELITE Math is a unique program that has many built-in math functions. It has a built-in quadratic, cubic, vector, numeric, trigonometric, and recursive solver. It even solves linear systems, finds the distance between plane and point, distance, midpoint, slope, sequences and many more. Simplifies radicals, pi, e, fractions and complex numbers. Requires Doors CSE for the TI-84 Plus CSE. Works also on the TI-84 Plus CE.
More Information GraphResetTi84PCSE.zip Graph Reset/Fix
If you have any problem with your graph or if a program left something there this programs is for you. This program resets your graph to its default's and fixes any problems on the graph. Not any problems with Y1-Y9 those can be erased by pressing the Y= button. Thanks for downloading if there are any problem please feel free to message me.
More Information geometry.zip Geometry Formulas [[Screenshots]]
Includes 17 different area, volume, and surface area solvers.
More Information graph3d.zip Graph 3D v4.1 Color 3D Grapher [[Screenshots] [10/10]]
Graph3D v4.1 is a re-written version of my decade-old TI-BASIC 3D graphing application for the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition, taking full advantage of the new colorful LCD. It is a fully-integrated 3D graphing utility that can graph up to 6 simultaneous 3D equations of the form Z=f(X,Y). You can edit the window settings, zoom settings, and format from within the program. You can trace over any graph, and rotate and zoom graphs from the graphscreen. Among many other tweaks, this version overhauls the rotation code to be faster and more accurate compared with its monochrome ancestor.
More Information LiteCalc.zip Light Calculator [[10/10]]
Light calculating program i made in Chemistry last year. You input values and it calculates frequency, wavelength and energy of a photon.
More Information linearsystems.zip Linear Systems [[Screenshots]]
Solves a system of equations. Type systems just like in textbooks.
More Information MATHMSTR.zip Math Master v2.0 CSE  [[Screenshots]]
This is a constant work in progress. Slow, but still making headway. Requirements: - TI-84+ CSE - Does NOT require Doors CSE8 (future support possible) Changelog: v2.0 beta 3 - Totally revamped and included my Triangles program (TRIANGLE) - Totally revamped and included my Pythagorean program (PYTHAG) - Optimized and included my Word Problems program (WP) - Those three run separately (99% finished)
More Information MathtoolsAlgebra1.zip Mathtools: Algebra 1 Edition [[Screenshots] [10/10]]
This ultimate program will solve EVERYTHING you'll find in Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1 and many thing in Algebra 2. Features include solving for X, Factoring, Radical simplifying, Pythagorean Theorem, Quadratic equation, Everything related to linear equations, System of Equations, Statistics, Rational Equations, and TONS MORE. With over DOUBLE THE FEATURES of the Ultimate Algebra Solver, it is easily the best Algebra solver in existence.
More Information Meanmedianrangestd.dev.andalinegrapher.zip mean,median,range, std. dev. , and line grapher
This program calculates the mean, median, range, and standard deviation of a list of numbers. It also includes a line grapher that will plot your points and draw a line of best fit through them. Enjoy!
More Information PercentFinder.zip Percent Finder [[Screenshots]]
This is a simple program which does not require Doors and can help with everything related to percents!
More Information PYTHEORM.zip Pythagorean Theorem [[Screenshots] [10/10]]
This is PYTHEORM for Ti-84 PCSE and Ti 84 PCE This program will help you both complete the Pythagorean theorem without using any brainpower, and, if you wish, also simplify your answers to the simplest radical form This is a very useful tool for math. This program didn't take me that long to make, but I think It will be very useful to people taking math classes. (c) 2015
More Information pieater13.zip Pi Eater v1.0 [[Screenshots]]
This Pi Day 2013 tribute program for the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition teaches trigonometry while you eat pie. You choose the amount of pie to eat, first an amount, then whether that's times pi or not, and finally if the angle is degrees or radians. Along the way, the program will show you the sine, cosine, and tangent, of the angle of pie you have eaten so far. A fun way to visualize angles and trigonometry.
More Information platonics.zip Platonic Solids [[Screenshots]]
A math program that gives the properties of the platonic solids. It can calculate the inradius, midradius, circumradius, surface area and volume of a platonic solid by a given side.
More Information QUADFORM.zip Quadratic Formula Solver and Grapher
This program solves and graphs quadratic equations. 136 bytes.
More Information QuadraticSolver.zip Quadratic Solver [[Screenshots]]
This little program will quickly solve for all roots of a quadratic equation, including those which are imaginary. It will catch all errors and works on either color calculator. Comes with a Doors CSE icon for if you have it, but Doors is not required.
More Information Random Walk.zip Cross-platform Random Walk [[Screenshots]]
This program performs a random walk around the homescreen of your calculator, and collects the number of steps taken each run. Once no move can be made without crossing a previously visited spot, the program terminates, and reports the number of steps taken, the min and max steps, the mean and median, and the standard deviation. Supports multiple calculators in one file!
More Information RESTRICT.zip Restrictions of a variable
This program states the restrictions of a variable in an equation so that the denominator does not equal 0. 325 bytes.
More Information RightTriangleSolver.zip The Ultimate Right Triangle Solver [[Screenshots]]
This is a simply incredible program that uses the Pythagorean Theorem, Sine, Cosine and Tangents to solve all sides and angles of a right triangle. With an easy to use interface and extremely quick solving, it is a must have for people taking units related to right triangles. This is one of the many tools that will soon be available in Mathtools: Geometry Edition.
More Information SectorArea.zip Area of Circle Sector Calculator
-Easy to use -Radians or Degrees -Small size at about 300 bytes
More Information spirograph.zip Spirographing v1.0 [[Screenshots] [8/10]]
This edutaining program lets you graph curves of the kind created by the popular "Spirograph" toy. In math terms, it produces parametric curves in the epicycloid and hypocycloid families. The user controls the value of R, r, A, the number of revolutions, and the color of the graph, and this program graphs it. This program includes six demo curves, and you can modify the parameters of any of the demos to experiment with your own designs. When you create a design you like, you can export to any of the parametric equations so you can explore your curve in the TI-OS. A great way for students to see the connection between math and art! Requires Doors CSE 8.
More Information TempertureConversion.zip Temperature Converter
Will convert between Celsius, Fahrenheit, and Kelvin.
More Information Thermodynamics.zip Thermodynamic Equation Solver [[1/10]]
An program i made in Chemistry. Can calculate a lot of things, like energy, calories, and heat in/out. can also convert between joules and calories and display answers in either joules or calories(if applicable)
More Information TRIMAKE.zip TriMake [[Screenshots]]
TriMake is an all-in-one triangle solver and grapher. Solve any triangle assuming enough information is given! Make using those annoying formulas so much faster! Version 1.1: Fixed code to work with less information, simplified solver
More Information Trianglesolver.zip Triangle Solver [[Screenshots]]
Solves a triangle given 3 known values for 3 unknowns. Uses the laws of sines and cosines. Degree mode only.
More Information tifc84pc.zip TI-Freakware's Converter [[Screenshots] [Reviews] [9/10]]
This is version 2.0.4 of the TIFC. The previous version only supported roughly 68 conversions, took 4 programs and a picture variable, and was around 6kb in size. Version 2.0.X supports the usage of a single program, and boasts 708 conversions available in this single program of just over 7kb in size. It is also available for the TI-73, TI-82, TI-83, TI-83+/84+ and TI-84+CSE, with the potential of being programmed on other calculators at a later date.
More Information tipcalc.zip Tip Calculator [[Screenshots]]
Simple tip calculator which allows you to split your bill.
More Information trigfind.zip Trig Finder v3.0 [[Screenshots] [9/10]]
This is a port and upgrade of Trig Finder v2.0 to the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition. It now supports all possible angles, both degree and radian measures, and will automatically fix your angle settings when it quits. Simply run the program, enter the angle in degrees, and the program will give you all six trig functions for the angle: sine, cosine, tangent, secant, cosecant, and cotangent. Also includes a Doors CSE 8 icon.
More Information Ulam.zip Ulam Spiral Generator [[Screenshots] [10/10]]
This program draws an Ulam Spiral on the graphscreen of your calculator. Ths program works on both Color and non-color calculators.
More Information Wavelength.zip Wavelength, speed, frequency, and energy solver [[10/10]]
Just input the numbers that you have and it will solve for either wavelength, speed, frequency, or energy. Read the included readme for further directions. Enjoy!
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