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Archives: TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition Assembly Miscellaneous Programs
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More Information ark.tar.gz Ark [[Screenshots]]
Ark is an assembly program for running compiled assembly programs from strings in TI-BASIC. It is built for both the TI-83/84s and the TI-84+CSE. Ark will run the compiled assembly programs whether they're archived or not. Ark will load the compiled assembly program into RAM, run it, then re-archive it again. The example provided in the screenshot is this: "HELLO":Asm(prgmARK) This will run the assembly program "prgmHELLO". It will unarchive the program, run it, then re-archive it. As show in the screenshot, the program "HELLO" is stilled archived even after being ran. You can also load a program from a string variable. Such as: Disp "Program name:" Input Str1 Str1:Asm(prgmARK)
More Information bfcti84pcse.zip A BrainF*** to Nostub ASM Compiler [[Reviews] [5.5/10]]
A brain f*** to nostub ASM compiler for the TI 84 Plus C Silver Edition
More Information celtic2f.zip Celtic 2 CSE [[Screenshots]]
This is a toolkit for BASIC programmers. It features the ability to read lines from programs and AppVars in RAM or Flash (archive), the ability to insert, delete, or overwrite lines in a specified program, to create a specified program and to find out how many lines there are in a BASIC program, and to output special characters into a string that is not normally storable into a string via any other method (doublequote and sto). It also contains a powerful, BASIC-compatible palletized sprite routine. Iambian never fully released the original Celtic 2 non-App package. At the behest of tifreak8x, I re-created and re-fixed it from Iambian's latest (non-lost) source code, then added my own tweaks and features. Of particular interest for TI-84+CSE programmers is the first-ever 84+CSE hybrid BASIC sprite routine, theta=9. A huge debt of gratitude to TIFreak8x for extensive testing as well as the thorough C2TEST program included in this file.
More Information clock.zip Clock Speed Test [[Screenshots]]
This simple, quick program tests the clock speed of a TI-84+CSE to about +/- 50 kHz. You need to set CLASSIC (not MathPrint) before running. It might not be as accurate as my original version that uses floating-point math to average the results of several trials, but not enough to matter.
More Information Color.zip Color
This program takes input from the variable Ans to change the foreground and background colors of text on the homescreen.
More Information Control.zip Control [[10/10]]
Using a TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition, control any TI-83/84 series calculator through the I/O port. This is a good prank, and good for troubleshooting broken calculators.
More Information Lowercase_84C.zip Lowercase Toggle for the TI-84 C SE [[Screenshots]]
Port by Adriweb (Adrien Bertrand), original code supposedly by Floppus Maximus (Benjamin Moody). Instructions : run it once ( with "Asm(prgmLWRCASE)" ) to be able to double-tap the [Alpha] key to switch to lowercase, and run it again to disable it. Original topic : http://tiplanet.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=11294&lang=en ( and http://www.cemetech.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=8810 )
More Information micros.zip MicrOS for the TI-84 Plus C SE [[Screenshots] [9/10]]
MicrOS is a self-contained hex editor and flash editor for the TI-84 Plus C SE. Because it is self-contained, it can editor the operating system without crashing. It supports block copy-to-RAM and block write-to-flash for easy editing editing. There is also port monitor for Z80 and LCD ports. MicrOS may also be useful as a source for sample code that interacts with the LCD, 4 MB flash chip, interrupts, and keyboard.
More Information OnBlock.zip OnBlock [[Reviews]]
OnBlock prevents the use of the [ON] key. This allows you to make things such as password protection programs and things in TI-BASIC without having to worry that someone can simply press the [ON] key to quit your program. Enjoy!
More Information PianoCSE.zip PianoCSE [[Screenshots]]
PianoCSE is a progam which turns your TI-84+ CSE into a musical keyboard. All you need are earphones or amplified speakers that can plug into the link port, or an AM radio. Standard 3.5mm audio plugs will not fit into the 2.5mm link port. You will need a 3.5mm-socket to 2.5mm-plug audio adaptor. Ported from the original TI-83 program by Badja.
More Information ResistorCalcCse.zip [Contest #12] Resistor Calculator CSE [[Screenshots] [8/10]]
*Caution, this version currently works only in emulation, not on hardware!* A resistor calculator for the Ti 84+ Color Edition. Features include: Generating the value of a resistor based on the colored bands A graphical resistor chart for quick manual look up of values.
More Information textlib.zip CE TextLib v1.12 [[Screenshots] [Reviews] [9.8/10]]
This library for BASIC programs provides some simple text functions for the TI-84 Plus CE and TI-84 Plus C SE. It primarily allows text to be colored on the homescreen, and also provides inverse text, blinking cursor, displaying a glyph by ASCII code, number-to-string conversion, special tokens, and bitwise functions. Work best with MathPrint off.
More Information undelete.zip Archive Undelete 1.23 [[9.5/10]]
Ever lost a program due to a RAM reset? a careless accidental deletion? Archive Undelete can revive your lost program(s), provided it has been archived at least once since the last Garbage Collect.
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