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Archives: TI-84 Plus CE BASIC Miscellaneous Programs
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More Information 32BIT.zip Hexadecimal-Decimal converter tool [[4.5/10]]
This appears to be the very first Base 16-Base 10 converter program written in TI-Basic, at least for the TI-84 Plus CE. Simply input a hex value (or base 10 value), and it converts to the opposite-base result. This program has been tested and is able to be sent to a TI-84 Plus, albeit with graphical glitches. Optimized for a TI-84 Plus CE & works for the Silver Edition variant.
More Information AdvancedWaitStateChangerv2.20.zip Advanced Wait State Changer. (Make your CE 30% faster!) [[Screenshots] [10/10]]
This program gives you near full control over the Wait State time! Please note it is not compatible with some new CE calculators. More information at the program's thread: ceme.tech/t14663 ! Features: *You can now speed up or slow down the calculator beyond the OS limits. (Up to 30% faster and down to speeds that make the calculator unusable) *You can quickly get the current Wait State value simply by starting the program! *You can quickly set a custom speed for your calculator with a hotkey! *Tons of safety features so you are less likely to freeze calculator! *A video spotlighting all of its features: https://youtu.be/kd5NcrFVXNk
More Information abbace.zip [Minecraft] Abba Caving Calculator [[Screenshots]]
Abba caving is an event done in Minecraft where the event handler finds a cave that looks like it will span down to level 15 or lower, and has users join them on a caving quest for a limited amount of time. The goal is to gather ores for various types (like diamonds, emeralds, lapis, gold, etc) and when the time limit hits, return back to the start point and the items get dumped into a chest for that player, where it gets counted and points awarded. After several such events that has been held on the Cemetech MC server, and having difficulties getting values sorted, this project was devised to speed getting scores for each player in the event, and to provide an accurate value of such. This program also comes with a timer that you can adjust from 15 minutes to 60 minutes, so you don't have to track time yourself. Happy caving!
More Information aclock_pcse.zip Analog Clock 2.0.1 [[Screenshots]]
Analog Clock 2.0 is built specially for the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition color-screen graphing calculator, and will not work on other calculators. It displays an accurate analog clock on your calculator; press any key to quit. It will kindly save and restore your graph and window settings when it exits, and it will also leave your calculator in the degree mode (Radian/Degree) that it started in. Now with Doors CSE icon.
More Information BasicNote.zip BasicNote CE [[Screenshots] [10/10]]
BasicNote is an advanced text-editor written completely in the calculator's TI-Basic language! It is perfect for when you need to jot down a quick note, or even if you want to have fun creating several pages of notes. The program has several features that you might expect from a text editor, but that you probably weren't expecting from a TI-Basic text editor! Such things are text selecting and copy/paste, find&replace text, word wrapping and line breaks, special characters, auto saving, error detection and more. After 2 years of hard work, it is finally ready for the first release. Questions? Bug reports? Post in the thread: cemete.ch/t14483
More Information BELLSCHD.zip BELLSCHD for TI 84 PCE / PCSE [[Screenshots]]
This Program will allow you to keep track of your schools Bell Schedule, both in the program, and storing it in a PicVar to be viewed quickly. To personalize this program to youe specific times, just edit the values in the BASIC program. Have fun using this!
More Information BouncyBallSimulator2017.zip Bouncy Ball Simulator [[Screenshots] [10/10]]
In this strangely fun and satisfying program, you can bounce a bouncy ball in a small room! More details in the readme! Huge thanks to JWinslow23 for taking the time to slice off a ton of bytes from this program.
More Information basicmod.zip BASICmod hybrid BASIC Editor for the TI-84 Plus CE [[Screenshots] [Reviews]]
This program will allow you to use many extra functions easily in your BASIC programs.
More Information CalcType.zip CalcType [[Screenshots] [Reviews] [10/10]]
This is a fun program designed to improve your on-calc typing speed! It comes with a highscores table, so try to beat your friends! You can edit the word list, and instructions are in README.txt. Have fun! Note: This program may take a short while (+-30 seconds, with the standard word list) to load up, but I hope it will be worth the wait.
More Information CHELSEA.zip CHELSEA, the psychologist chatbot [[Screenshots] [9/10]]
CHELSEA (Chatbot Harnessing ELIZA's Logic to Simulate Emotional Analysis) is a chatbot made entirely in TI-BASIC designed to mimic the behavior of a psychologist. Talk to it about your problems, and perhaps she might help. This uses techniques from 1966 that can pass the Turing test!
More Information CHGCHKTI84PCEandCSE.zip Charge Date Manager for CE and CSE [[Screenshots]]
With the new color screen calculators come a rechargeable battery. With this, you now have to charge it or your batteries will die when you are in the middle of playing 2048 :( . TI recommends that you recharge the batteries at least once a month. This convenient utility will store the date last charged and the date one month later into two custom lists and will display the information in a convenient format (see screenshot). This utility is a must-have if you do not want your calculator to die in the middle of something. Works on the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition and the TI-84 Plus CE. Has a Doors icon, but Doors IS NOT REQUIRED to run this. Fix: restores default lists on program exit Fixed month incrementing bug, see readme. Enjoy! By: SM84CE Comments or questions?? Post them in the feedback section below.
More Information CLOCKMEC.zip Clock Mechanics [[Screenshots]]
This will NOT work for TI 84-Plus CSE, as the menu bug (seen in the screenshots) will make it very hard to use This Program will allow you to take full advantage of the clock, date, and timer features of our caculator, without needing to know any of the tedious syntax for the functions. It allows you to Set the Time and Date, view a real-time clock, use the built in timer, and preform many complex calculations, including: -finding the Day of the Week -converting a large amount of seconds to Days, Hour, Minutes, and Seconds -finding the amount of days between two dates -and much more!
More Information CODEWORD.zip CodeWord [[Screenshots] [7.5/10]]
Enter a word, and it can be reflected to you, making it difficult to decode without the calculator. Also available in TI-83, TI-84, and TI-84 Plus Silver Edition
More Information COINS.zip Coin Roll Tracker [[Screenshots]]
This is a program that tracks the amount of rolls of coins you have as you roll them. A good program for someone dealing with a lot of coins during the day.
More Information CubeTImer.zip CubeTImer [[Screenshots] [Reviews] [9/10]]
Need to time your cube solves on the go? Left your speedstacks timer and phone at home? Wanna time your solves during math class? Love potatoes? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then Cubetimer is right for you! Cubetimer is one of the first of its kind; a timer for the calculator that doesnt use timing features. Cubetimer is smooth and looks (kinda but not really) like a real speedstacks timer! Cubetimer can also be used for running, speedeating, speedmathing, and cupstacking. Features include: Smooth timer accurate to 1/10th of a second! Average of 5 calculator! Loading bar! Space to save up to 5 solves! Doors CS8 Compatability! Features to come: Scramble Generator! Average of 12! Best and worst solves for each average! And more!
More Information charzCSE.zip Charz CSE [[Screenshots] [Reviews] [9/10]]
This program shows you a table of characters not easily available on calc for the CSE, allows you to store the ones you want to a string to recall them into a program of your choice afterwards. Small update to usability of program.
More Information Edit.zip Graph Screen Text Map Editor [[Screenshots]]
This is a little map editor thing I started working on that can be used to make text maps on the graph screen with color for the text. This could be used for any matrix-based engine with a 10x22 matrix. It would take further code to make it work for other, similar engines. It's not the most optimized it could be right now, and there are probably faster ways to do a lot of the things I'm doing, but I was mostly just messing around.
More Information ExpressionEvolutionv1.zip Expression Evolution [[Screenshots]]
Another demonstration of evolution on the TI-84+ CE. Significantly faster than my older linevoultion, and comes with a fancy UI. See http://tinyurl.com/exprevoultion for more details.
More Information eightball.zip Magic Eight Ball [[Screenshots]]
=== Want an answer to your question? Eight Ball is here to help! ===
More Information extrafunctions.zip Extra Functions Menu for the TI-84 Plus CE/CSE [[Screenshots]]
Extra Functions is a simple BASIC program that creates a hook in the OS and adds an extra menu when the user presses [alpha], [enter].
More Information FINLGRDE.zip Final Grade Calculator [[Screenshots]]
This program is for all of us high school and college students that are fussing over what we need to get on finals! Just plug in the numbers where you are prompted and the calculator will do the rest! NOTE: 'W' should be in percent, not decimal form (i.e. '80' for 80%, not '0.80')
More Information GETKEYValueFinder.zip GetKey Value Finder for the TI-84+CE [[Screenshots]]
This a program that tells you the exact value of any key on the calculator. If you are typing a program, and need to find the value of a key to use the getkey command with, this program is for you! This program does not need any shell or library. UPDATE: This program originally needed subprograms to run, which were unneeded. They are no longer needed.
More Information HexConvert.zip Text2Hex & Dec2Hex CE Package [[Screenshots]]
Two simple utilities that will make your life WAY easier if you are programming in hexadecimal on-calc. They are also fun to mess around with :P
More Information HexMove.zip HexMove [[Screenshots]]
A simple demonstration of hexagonal-based movement in TI-BASIC. Check the README for details.
More Information HomescreenTextAligner.zip Home Screen Text Aligner
This is a simple program to align text in different ways. In custom alignment mode, pressing 1, 2, and 3 are hotkeys for different alignments. When you run the program, select an option (I recommend custom alignment because it allows you to move the text with the arrow keys) and then enter your text. Good for programmers who get annoyed trying to decide on the second argument for Output(.
More Information InstantMessager2.zip Instant messager
This nifty program will alow you to send and receive messages from other calculators if they are connected with USB cord, perfect if you want to send messages in class without talking or using a phone!
More Information iBase.zip iBase [[Screenshots]]
This amazing program, written in pure BASIC, lets you use your calculator to preform math in bases 2 through 36! All further information is outlined in the README. Source code now included! (no clue why it wasn't before)
More Information KSPediaCE.zip KSPedia CE [[Screenshots] [10/10]]
The KSPedia tables for all the bodies in KSP, in the form of a calculator program.
More Information LinEvolution.zip Linevolution, an editable evolution simulatior!
A demonstration of "Evolution" in the TI-84 PCE. See tinyurl.com/linevolution for details! UPDATE: Use expression evolution, as it is much more polished and is nearly 120 times faster.
More Information marioenemydb.zip Super Mario Enemy Database v0.4 [[Screenshots]]
(v0.4) A database/catalog of the enemies seen in Super Mario games! As of right now, the program includes all the enemies from Super Mario Brothers (NES). This will eventually be updated to include more than 1 program and enemies from other Mario titles such as Super Mario Bros 3. If you have any ideas that you see may function well in TI BASIC for this project, Email me at: mattarattat@gmail.com
More Information md5.zip MD5 hash calculator [[9/10]]
See the readme.txt file. Basically, it's a little program that calculates the MD5 hash of an input string.
More Information menusos.zip Menus OS, The First BASIC Shell for the TI-84 Plus CE! [[Screenshots] [9/10]]
Menus OS is a complex BASIC shell for the TI-84 Plus CE. It includes many features, including around 20 games and many more programs. v4.4.4
More Information PASSCODE.zip PASSCODE for TI 84 PCE [[Screenshots] [Reviews]]
This Program will allow you to lock you calculator with a password, while displaying a cool animation that can set your calculators properties to what you want. This program utilizes ONBLOCK, a program developed by MateoConLechuga, to prevent escaping the program without the password. Acknowledgements: MateoConLechuga, for ONBLOCK, and his other amazing work on the TI 84 PCE
More Information PasswordColorv1.1.zip Password Color v1.1 [[Screenshots] [Reviews] [8/10]]
The most secure password program for color calculators on the planet! Paired with OnBlock, you can set a password up to 26 keys long and lock your calculator! Have Fun!
More Information PasswordGenerator.zip Password Generator [[Screenshots]]
This Hybrid-Basic program allows you to generate passwords for anything you want! Not only does it generate passwords, it reliably recreates them after typing in the same username + website/thing name. This program REQUIRES TextLib v1.12 by DrDnar Other versions may or may not be supported.
More Information Periodic84.zip Periodic Table 84+ [[Screenshots] [10/10]]
The most advanced Periodic Table in TI-83/84+ BASIC, and in only 6KB!
More Information Programmersutilitypack.zip The Programmer's Toolbox -- a utility kit for TI-BASIC programming [[Reviews] [9/10]]
Contains 2 programs that will help with the cleanup of TI-BASIC programs. These were written by me because I used a few routines a lot, and the use of a sub-program makes the main program smaller. The readme contains more instructions on the use of these programs. Updated Subprograms so that they don't graph anything when the program is running. Also removed Labels... If you have any suggestions, or things you would like to see done, just ask me! (PM or a review on Cemetech.net is the best way)
More Information qr.zip TiQR-B, a QR code encoder written in pure TI-BASIC!
That's right, now you can encode QR codes on your very calculator! The program is of course limited, currently you can only generate Version 1 (21x21) symbols which store up to 17 characters of text.
More Information SCRAMBLEv1.1.zip SCRAMBLE v1.0 program
This program will scramble a sentence of words, jumbling the letters of each word, but leaving the first and last letter the same. This was inspired by a study done by cambridge university (read about it here: http://www.snopes.com/language/apocryph/cambridge.asp). Use this program to see how the human brain can read words without spelling it right, as long as the first and last letters are the same. Use it for personal discoverey, and show your friends!
More Information SpecialCharacters.zip Special Characters [[Screenshots] [Reviews] [5/10]]
This is special characters! Special characters is a really simply program which saves a bunch of special characters you can't get through normal means to any string of your choice to use for your programs! DOES NOT REQUIRE DOORS
More Information StringFormatterv2.0.zip StringFormatter
A TI-Basic extension written in Basic. Has three variable types so far: Array (2 dimensional) Empty (a Variable with no constructs, basically a string) Vector (basically a list with an unlimited index, but is intended for 3d programming)
More Information StringtoList.zip List of Strings
Have you ever wanted to use more strings than the 10 permitted by the OS? Every wanted to have a more advanced data structure utilizing lists of strings? Look no further. Extraordinarily fast, and less than .9kBytes, STRLST solves both of these problems with ease.
More Information TEMPCHKTI84PCE.zip TEMPCHK for the TI-84 Plus CE [[Screenshots] [8.5/10]]
This is a simulated temperature checker, just for fun. Detailed description and instructions in the readme. This update fixes an error that is caused when the calculator is in either Graph-Table or Split Screen mode. Corrections to the readme were also added, as was a small change log at the bottom of the readme. Updated the formatting to reformat to default settings instead of my personalized settings. Added screenshots. Updated the subprograms so that they don't graph anything before, during or after formatting the graph screen.
More Information TEXT3.zip Text editor beta [[Reviews] [6/10]]
A beta text editor for the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition that still has much need for optimization.
More Information TextToMorseCodev3.47.zip Text to Morse Code (With screen flash) [[Screenshots]]
This useful tool will convert your text into Morse code! Not only that, but it will flash your Morse code back to you using the screen brightness! You can also save and load strings of Morse code for the calculator to flash back. This program also has other features such as setting your brightness back to its original state when you quit! Requires CE OS 5.2 or above.
More Information TINYMAZE.zip TINYMAZE Maze Generator
==TINYMAZE for the TI-84 Plus CE== Tinymaze is a maze generator that uses recursive backtracking. It can fill the entire graphscreen with a maze of 1-pixel wide paths. To save memory, the program uses the zplst utility (included) to manipulate individual digits in the list of positions. It is impossible for the program to exceed the maximum list length. The program also reads from the screen using pxl-Test, to save additional memory. JustinYD88 at Cemetech
More Information Timer.zip Timer [[Screenshots]]
This is a black and white version of my color timer that requires Doors CSE, but this one does not. The color one is found at http://www.cemetech.net/programs/index.php?mode=file&path=/84pcse/basic/programs/ColorTimer.zip. It is almost exactly the same. However, this one will work on both the TI-84+CSE and the TI-84+CE. Enjoy!
More Information TimerforTI84PCEandCSE.zip TIMER for the TI-84 Plus CE and CSE [[Screenshots]]
This is a timer for the TI-84 Plus CE and CSE, written entirely in BASIC. It uses the TI-84+ CE and CSE's color graph screen to display the bulk of the program. Added Screenshots. Updated Subprograms so that they don't graph anything when the program is running, and checked CSE compatibility. Comments or suggestions? Post them below!
More Information TimeWaster2k.zip Time Waster 2000 [[Reviews] [9/10]]
Essentially a glorified screensaver, this program showcases the beauty of parametric functions by drawing mesmerizing patterns across your screen.
More Information TyperCE.zip Typer-CE v1.0.0
Description: TYPER CE is an advanced program that will allow you to learn to type quickly on your CE, it is also really fun and can get you something to do when you are bored. Upcoming: Additional Program For Developers To Create DLC Packs With Extra Content And More Words For The Program.
More Information tetrispuzzlepack.zip Tetris Puzzle Pack!
Tetris with two modes, normal and puzzle. Puzzle mode chooses a puzzle of blocks to place before you start playing.
More Information tibelius.zip TIbelius Sheet Music and MIDI Sequence Editor
This sheet music editor is written 100% in pure TI-BASIC. It supports Saving, Deleting, Editing, Playing, and Opening files, as well as writing new files. TIbelius allows Bass and Treble Staffs with customizable tempo (BPM). Requires TI-Innovator Hub for playback of music.
More Information VRSCHK4TI84PCE.zip VRSCHK4 for the TI-84 Plus CE [[Screenshots] [8/10]]
This is a simulation, like my program "TEMPCHK" for the TI84PCE, this time, it simulates a virus check. This is just for fun. All aspects are controlled by random numbers. If you have suggestions, feel free to ask me on Cemetech! Enjoy! The new update is for the subprograms, fixed some formatting issues. Added Screenshots. Updated Subprograms (again) so that they don't graph anything when the program is running.
More Information YuGiOhLC.zip Yu-Gi-Oh (BETA)
A Yu-Gi-Oh life counter that I made. WARNING: Requires the latest C libs to be installed. HAS NOT BEEN TESTED YET. Can count up to 8 people.
More Information YuGiOhLC.zip YuGiOh Life Counter
A YuGiOh life counter that keeps track of life. PLEASE READ THE README. Enjoy!
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