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Archives: TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus BASIC Game Levels
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More Information JLand.zip J-Land v1.0 Beta - Super Mario v2.0 Levelset
This is a finally complete, somewhat difficult levelset for Sam Heald's unofficial Super Mario v2.0. If you don't have Super Mario v2.0, you can just use the copy provided in the archive. I would've made this sooner, but the Mario Level Editor for v1.2 didn't work for me, so I used v2.0 and its level editor. You can find all details in the ReadMe file.
More Information q3leved83p.zip Q3 GRPG Level Editor
This is the level editor for a mini-graphical-RPG type game where you run around trying to shoot your enemy while it is equally intent on shooting you. Develop your own levels and publish them! One of the better mini-GRPGs out there.
More Information unl.zip UnreaL TOurnaMent Level Set 1 [[Screenshots]]
This is the first level set, containing the seven levels in the first release, for UnreaL TOurnaMent, the all 3D first-person shooter for the TI-83+. The maps of the levels are in the zip file.
More Information unleved83p.zip Level Editor v2.0 for UnreaL TOurnaMent  [[Screenshots]]
At long last (and several versions deleted by viruses), here is the oncalc level editor for UnreaL TOurnaMent, the 3D first-person shooter for the TI-83, TI-83+, and TI-83SE. The graphical interface of this program lets you edit any of the 7 levels, place ammo, health, and enemies, and save the levels. Useful for making your own levels to share! Now includes screenshots and each of the seven original levels included in the zip file.
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