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Archives: TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus BASIC Programs
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More Information AGMM.zip Alex Glanville's Money Manager v1.8.4 [[Screenshots]]
This program keeps a detailed record of your pocket money. Introducing a one time only start-up screen and custimization. A greeting is displayed depending on the current time on the calculator. The ability to add/remove your pocket change in a isolated fashion gives you more information on your money. v1.8.4 - Small Update. Redownloading is not neccsary if you have v1.8.3. What was changed is in Readme.rtf
More Information CARDPROB.zip Card Probability Assist Program
For use with the Prob Sim Application. Though, it is not required. This program IS DEPENDANT on an outside source, and will not work as a stand alone. This program uses the lists CARD, DRAW, and SUIT, to create data. The flash application, Prob Sim creates these lists (Under option 5, Card Prob). The zip contains two documentation files. One RTF and one PDF. The PDF lists, in detail, how to find Prob Sim on your calc and operate the progam. I made this for my math teacher last school year, oddly enough, I have him this school year as well. My point is, the PDF is made with teachers in mind. The Disclaimer, and other important stuff, are in the RTF. The Disclaimers are also in the PDF. Quick Facts: The prog puts no limit to the number of cards you may sort. The only limit is RAM. I have drawn 300 cards, then crunched the date. It took 15k of RAM and what felt like forever to sort. The program no longer use 'Pause.' The pictures are from a version of the file when it did use pause. Luckily, now, You can go back to any slide w/o rerunning the whole program. Enjoy. Screenies soon! Need to change them to gif...
More Information GRADE.zip Alex Glanville\'s Grade Manager v1.5
!!This may be an older version of v1.5*!! This program manages 6 classes at a time, displays all 6 classes grades and GPA on one screen through a GUI, or Graphical User Interface, that is easy on the user while keeping a professional look and feel. The program archives the only program variable, a list when the list is unneeded, thus saving a small amount of memory, at least 49bytes. The Program is 2049bytes and is MirageOS compatible for those who care. View Pictures to see the only screens you will see when using this program. This program was my first submitted program ever. So excuse the use of the Home Screen. I am making a v2.0.0 update and DCS version. *The newer version has a restore button on 1 of the 4 screens. If this version does not have that, please PM me!
More Information MuseInc OR 1.1.zip MuseInc OR 1.1
MuseInc is music maker made with TI-BASIC/Celtic III. It helps making music with axe. Please read the read me file for more information.
More Information qr.zip TiQR-B, a QR code encoder written in pure TI-BASIC!
That's right, now you can encode QR codes on your very calculator! The program is of course limited, currently you can only generate Version 1 (21x21) symbols which store up to 17 characters of text.
More Information TI-BASIC_Programs.zip TI-BASIC Programs
Update: 3.16.12 New Programs STRTPRGM: new design Programs MATH ANGLPOLY: gives the measure of the interior and exterior angles of any regular polygon from 3 to 24 sides FOIL: performs the First Inner Outer Last technique in solving inequalities LINEINFO: gives the information about a line PYTHTHRM: performs the pythagorean theorum technique to solve for right triangles QUADFACT: performs the quadratic formula technique to solve inequalities. Also provides the perfect factor of the inequality SUMSQNCE: performs the formula to solve for the sum of a sequence (exponential/quadratic) SCIENCE BMI: calculates your Body Mass Index GAMES BETTING: calculator chooses a random number from 0 to 5. Bet credits on your guess BOUNCE: pixel bounces off lines on the screen LINE: a line is drawn, which can be moved by the user. Program relays live line length information PAZAAK: mock of the Pazaak card game from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic STIKFITE: stick fighting game APPS BINCLOCK: displays the time (realtime/refreshing) in binary digit form DATETIME: displays the time (analog and digital), date, day EXACTAGE: calculates your exact age; down to the second FINALGRD: calculates the score you must receive on a final to get a desired grade in the class PICEDIT: allows you to turn pixels on and off UPCCDGEN: generates a UPC barcode, tests it to see if valid, then prints the barcode onto the screen UPCGEN: generates the barcode for the UPC code entered Sub Programs INPUT: prompts the user for input (letters/numbers) MENU: prompts the user for input (choice selection) STARTEND: runs at start and end of each program Forum Link: http://www.cemetech.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=146362#146362
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