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SAX 1.0 :: AJAX Chat Widget
Download SAX 1.0 :: AJAX Chat Widget
Statistics 691 downloads
Folder phpBB Mods
Description SAX 1.0, the Simultaneous Asynchronous Exchange, adds realtime chat functionality to your forum via AJAX. It integrates seamlessly into phpBB with very little modification; install time is typically less than fifteen minutes. The SAX sidebar allows you to chat with your fellow forum members, alerts you of new posts and topics, and records when members arrive and leave. It dynamically adjusts its refresh rate to balance latency and bandwidth usage. In addition, features such as "!whereis <username>" and "!calc <formula>" demonstrate the additional tools SAX can provide for users; it can easily be expanded with other such triggers based on your own needs.
Short Link http://ceme.tech/DL126
First Upload 15 Nov 2006 09:05:17 am
Last Update
SAX 1.0 :: AJAX Chat Widget 8 10 4
Current Rating: 8/10 (Commendable, rated by 4 people)
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File Name File Size Test in Emulator
sax.php 8471 ----
sax.mod 11288 ----
saxjax.js 2402 ----
saxlog.dat 140 ----
saxsay.php 1816 ----
saxtiny.png 764 ----