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[MAP] Cemetech City
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Statistics 974 downloads
Folder Blockland Files
Description Cemetech City is the first large-scale, city build map to hit TBM. It contains multiple towns and cities, a river, and a lake with islands for underwater builds. It also features roads connecting all the areas, each flattened and graded to be passable by the LEGO Cart. The main city has a 3x3 grid of 64x64 plates, with a single larger 128x128 plate at the edge for larger builds. There are places to build bridges, and five smaller towns have been given baseplates for easy builds. There are many other town spaces where baseplates can be added, and in addition there is a space for an airport and for a heliport or other small building.
Short Link http://ceme.tech/DL14
First Upload 05 Mar 2006 12:52:06 am
Last Update 21 Nov 2013 08:23:21 pm
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missions/cc2.png 106069 ----
missions/CemetechCity.mis 35909 ----
missions/CemetechCity.ter 525417 ----
terrains/cc2/ 0 ----
terrains/cc2/Fieldofg.jpg 16894 ----
terrains/cc2/patchy.jpg 27485 ----
terrains/cc2/roadblank.jpg 717 ----
terrains/cc2/roadh.jpg 2162 ----
terrains/cc2/roadv.jpg 2237 ----
terrains/cc2/Rock01.jpg 20346 ----
terrains/cc2/snowy02.jpg 8295 ----
terrains/cc2/Thumbs.db 53760 ----
readme.txt.txt 1034 ----