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Doors CS 6.7 Beta
Download Doors CS 6.7 Beta
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Folder Beta Program Releases
Description Doors CS 6.7 beta introduces many bug fixes and features to Doors CS, most notably the addition of the DCS BASIC libraries, also known as the DCSB Libs. These allow TI-BASIC programmers to take advantage of most of the Doors CS GUI subsystem features that ASM programmers have been using since Doors CS 6.0. They also offer functions that can be used for facilitating games and other programs, when combined with the XLib, Celtic, and PicArc compatibility libraries that Doors CS packs in. With Doors CS, you can take advantage of the widest variety of libraries available in any current shell or library package. As always, please try it out, report any bugs or feature suggestions, and enjoy! Don't forget to see how the DCSB Libs could be used to enhance your Cemetech Contest #7 entry.

Short Link http://ceme.tech/DL461
First Upload 02 Jul 2010 10:52:18 pm
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readme.txt 4249 ----
dcs6.7_beta.8xk 115241 Test "dcs67b.zip/dcs6.7_beta.8xk" in jsTIfied calculator emulator