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Description * Plenty of optimizations for both speed and size, respectively making the shell feel faster and giving me more leeway for additional fixes and features. * Completed new sum(13) DCSB Lib function, facilitating attractive Menu()s in BASIC programs with minimal GUI effort. * Added [STO>] as method to break out of sum(12). * Expanded SE functionality within Doors CS desktop. * Repaired three bugs with GUIRTextMultiline scrolling calculations. * Adding scroll wrapping to DCS desktop. Scroll up at the top to go to the bottom, scroll down at the bottom to go to the top. * Moved GUIRTextLineIn, GUIRPassIn, and GUIRTextMultiline to an edit buffer for faster typing. * Reduced DCS Menu to three items: Display, About, Options. * Added more understandable BASIC Exec errors. * Added folder and screen saving so after using the Properties menu, running a program, or quitting, you start where you left off. * A plethora of bug fixes.
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First Upload 20 Jul 2010 11:09:40 pm
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