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Polygon Maker 68k
Download Polygon Maker 68k
Statistics 181 downloads
Folder TI-89 BASIC Programs
Description This is 68k port of KermM's polygon drawer that is included in his excellent programming book. I only ported the source to 68k Basic.
Short Link http://ceme.tech/DL1073
First Upload 26 Apr 2014 06:23:57 pm
Last Update
Polygon Maker 68k 10 0
Not yet rated
Contents Test "polygon68k.zip" in jsTIfied calculator emulator Test entire contents in jsTIfied calculator emulator

File Name File Size Test in Emulator
polygon.89p 300 Test "polygon68k.zip/polygon.89p" in jsTIfied calculator emulator
polygonREADME.txt 331 ----