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Fireworks v1.0C
Download Fireworks v1.0C
Statistics 1775 downloads
Folder TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition BASIC Graphics Programs
Description Made on US Independence Day 2013, a simple simulation of fireworks using projectile motion formulae. It simulates firing fireworks at random velocities from the ground; when they reach a peak, they explode into brilliant, colorful particles that slowly fade. A small, mesmerizing addition to your TI-84+CSE.

Short Link http://ceme.tech/DL912
First Upload 06 Jul 2013 12:17:15 pm
Last Update 16 Sep 2015 04:40:28 pm
Fireworks v1.0C 9 10 2
Current Rating: 9/10 (Excellent, rated by 2 people)
Fireworks v1.0C Works like a charm! It reminds me of the screensavers some Macintoshes used to have called Pyro, like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbESP8UQEF0
- Stavorius ()

Fireworks v1.0C Very good! I really liked how the fireworks looked, and the code was nice and compact.
- _iPhoenix_ ()
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