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HP Prime Tunnel TI-84+CSE Demake
Download HP Prime Tunnel TI-84+CSE Demake
Statistics 541 downloads
Folder TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition BASIC Games
Description This is the xLIBC version of my color Tunnel game, for use with Doors CSE 8.0 on the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition. Originally released for the HP Prime graphing calculator and written in HP PPL language, this 84+CSE demake was adapted to run within the limitations of the lower end 15 MHz platforn, as well as those of TI-BASIC and xLIBC. UPDATE: Car is now made of a sprite instead of two rectangles and score displays faster, taking advantage of new xLIBC commands to save extra speed. Car looks different too, as shown in the updated screenshot.
Short Link http://ceme.tech/DL985
First Upload 19 Nov 2013 09:13:59 pm
Last Update 08 Feb 2015 12:14:45 pm
HP Prime Tunnel TI-84+CSE Demake 10 0
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Contents Test "hptunnel84c.zip" in jsTIfied calculator emulator Test entire contents in jsTIfied calculator emulator

File Name File Size Test in Emulator
HPTUNNEL.8xp 1514 Test "hptunnel84c.zip/HPTUNNEL.8xp" in jsTIfied calculator emulator
ignoreme.txt 952 ----