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Description This is a toolkit for BASIC programmers. It features the ability to read lines from programs and AppVars in RAM or Flash (archive), the ability to insert, delete, or overwrite lines in a specified program, to create a specified program and to find out how many lines there are in a BASIC program, and to output special characters into a string that is not normally storable into a string via any other method (doublequote and sto). It also contains a powerful, BASIC-compatible palletized sprite routine. Iambian never fully released the original Celtic 2 non-App package. At the behest of tifreak8x, I re-created and re-fixed it from Iambian's latest (non-lost) source code, then added my own tweaks and features. Of particular interest for TI-84+CSE programmers is the first-ever 84+CSE hybrid BASIC sprite routine, theta=9. A huge debt of gratitude to TIFreak8x for extensive testing as well as the thorough C2TEST program included in this file.
Short Link http://ceme.tech/DL916
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