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Download PASSCODE for TI 84 PCE
Statistics 1917 downloads
Folder TI-84 Plus CE BASIC Miscellaneous Programs
Description This Program will allow you to lock you calculator with a password, while displaying a cool animation that can set your calculators properties to what you want. This program utilizes ONBLOCK, a program developed by MateoConLechuga, to prevent escaping the program without the password. Acknowledgements: MateoConLechuga, for ONBLOCK, and his other amazing work on the TI 84 PCE
Short Link http://ceme.tech/DL1369
First Upload 26 Sep 2015 08:03:43 pm
Last Update 08 Dec 2018 10:43:49 am
PASSCODE for TI 84 PCE 10 0
Not yet rated
PASSCODE for TI 84 PCE Was excited for this file, Then when I used it it didn't work (how ever I forgot it was basic I was thinking it was asm.). Anyways if id does work or not, when I deleted it and my calculator went bezerk. Almost did't get it back because TI doesn't "Cover 3rd oarty pgrms" but the just really missed a step.
- willschwamy ()

PASSCODE for TI 84 PCE If anyone has problems with this program, the default password is '1111'. You can change it by looking for '1111' (without the quotes) in the code. Its BASIC. Once you find that, you can change it to whatever you want.
- VěRT3X ()
Contents Test "PASSCODE.zip" in jsTIfied calculator emulator Test entire contents in jsTIfied calculator emulator

File Name File Size Test in Emulator
PASSCODE/1443299840.gif 2170 ----
PASSCODE/ONBLOCK.8xp 115 Test "PASSCODE.zip/PASSCODE/ONBLOCK.8xp" in jsTIfied calculator emulator
PASSCODE/PASSCODE.8xp 649 Test "PASSCODE.zip/PASSCODE/PASSCODE.8xp" in jsTIfied calculator emulator
PASSCODE/Read Me.txt 2613 ----