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Description This is a fun program designed to improve your on-calc typing speed! It comes with a highscores table, so try to beat your friends! You can edit the word list, and instructions are in README.txt. Have fun! Note: This program may take a short while (+-30 seconds, with the standard word list) to load up, but I hope it will be worth the wait.
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CalcType This is an amusing program to test how much time you wast- erm, spend typing words into your calculator! **PROS: *Interesting to see how high you can get your score (mine is around 5000 however I kind of cheated an hooked up a QWERTY keyboard to my calculator :D ) *Fun to challenge your friends **CONS: *The biggest con is the time it takes for the program to set up. Unfortunately that's due to the speed of BASIC rather than the programs code so it's not really fixable by the developer. I hope to see a version of this written in ICE eventually. *This can be easily fix with a small update, but the functions in the [y=] menu don't get paused so if you have any functions there you're going to have to wait for all of them to finish graphing before you can play. **CONCLUSION: This is a fun little program to challenge your friends at and it's definitely worth a download. [10/10]
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