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GalagACE v1.0
Download GalagACE v1.0
Statistics 4426 downloads
Folder TI-84 Plus CE BASIC Games
Description I know that James Vernon and Patrick Davidson already made much better TI-84 Plus CE shoot-em-ups in ASM (Spaze Invaders and Calcuzap), but for a long while I wanted to jump in the 2D space shooter bandwagon and decided to make one written in hybrid TI-BASIC: GalagACE. Basically, this game is a remake of the crappy Space Invaders clone I made in early 2002, which could be found in Omnimaga Pack 25 games in 1. I decided to rename it to GalagACE, which is a play with the words Galaga, Ace and CE. I am now using sprites rather than the home screen. This remake now has 18 stages, new scoring system, allows you to shoot three bullets at once and new graphics.
Short Link http://ceme.tech/DL1484
First Upload 14 Jun 2016 04:29:58 pm
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