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Description Jezzball v1.0 is based on the game by the same name originally written by Dima Pavlovsky and released in the Microsoft Entertainment Pack for Windows 95. You advance through increasingly-challenging levels, filling the playfield by placing walls. You must prevent atoms (balls) from touching walls that are in the process of being built, but once a wall is complete, the atoms will bounce off that wall. Your goal is to fill at least 65% of each level to proceed to the next level. If you fill more than 65%, you receive a fill bonus proportional to how much above 65% you filled the play field. If you beat a level quickly, you also receive a time bonus. Your goal is to advance as far as possible. Jezzball v1.0 for the TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus has nearly identical rules to the original PC game, with a few tweaks to make it more fun on calculators.
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