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Phantom DE v0.81b
Download Phantom DE v0.81b
Statistics 266 downloads
Folder TI-83 Assembly Games
Description Phantom Star is a fast paced side scrolling shoot-em-up for the TI-83 and TI-83+. It is set in space. There is no real storyline to speak of; the only objective is to blast through each treacherous level as fast as possible. Phantom Star is capable of supporting external levels, and documentation will be provided in the near future for level developers that wish to make their own levels. Doors CS certified and ported.
Short Link http://ceme.tech/DL38
First Upload 13 Mar 2006 02:31:34 pm
Last Update
Phantom DE v0.81b 10 0
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Contents Test "phantomde.zip" in jsTIfied calculator emulator Test entire contents in jsTIfied calculator emulator

File Name File Size Test in Emulator
powerdat.z80 3901 ----
enemydat.z80 16297 ----
ion.inc 10551 ----
keys.inc 2470 ----
level.z80 12985 ----
levelequ.z80 7113 ----
levelformat.txt 558 ----
mylevel.z80 7803 ----
phantom.83p 10941 Test "phantomde.zip/phantom.83p" in jsTIfied calculator emulator
phantom.z80 80251 ----
certified00002.gif 2620 ----
readme.txt 6153 ----
shotdat.z80 4322 ----