Coming Soon: The Zero Calculators ZGC3, Hands-On
Published by KermMartian 2 months, 3 weeks ago (2023-09-19T23:40:33+00:00) | Discuss this article

When did you last lay eyes on a graphing calculator made by a company you've never even heard of before? In a few days, we'll go in-depth with a new calculator made by Zero Calculators, joining the cohort of calculators made by Texas Instruments, Casio, HP, or newcomer NumWorks. Members of the community have been testing prototypes from this new company for almost two years, and it's a pleasure to finally be able to share a hands-on look at the latest version, currently called the "ZGC3".

A photograph of three graphing calculators, the Zero Calculators ZGC3 in sharp focus at center, flanked by blurred ZGC1 and ZGC2 prototypes at left and right, respectively.

The new Zero Calculators offering is aimed squarely at the TI-84 Plus CE user: while the current prototype no longer perfectly matches the keypad layout of Texas Instruments' popular calculator, it doesn't stray far, and navigating the operating system will be simple for the seasoned Texas Instruments calculator user. The calculator does many things right, including the speed of its graphing and programming language, while a lot of unpolished hardware corners and software bugs remain in this prototype. In a few days, we'll bring you a deep dive into this new calculator and give you the chance to judge for yourself if it's a calculator you want to include in your own classroom or collection.

A close-up photograph of Y=sin(2X) graphed on the LCD of a Zero Calculators ZCG3 prototype