Projects of the Year: 2020
Published by iPhoenix 2 years, 7 months ago (2021-08-27T01:40:44+00:00) | Discuss this article

Hello everyone! It is that time of year again; time for reviewing the Projects of the Year for the year of 2020.

Let's get on with the projects!

Our first notable project, from the month of January, is the Zilog Z8671 BASIC/DBG Pocket Computer by Botboy3000. This mostly-hardware project sported many 3d-printed parts, dozens of lovingly-placed vinyl decals on the keys, and no small number of wires on the inside. The project did extremely well in the January Projects of the Month poll, earning itself nine out of the ten votes cast.

The completed project with decals, a screen, and keys. Click to enlarge.

From the month of February is HailStorm CE by epsilon5. Winning all but one of the nine votes that month, this project is an original CE game with great graphics. The game features addicting gameplay, unlockable ships with space lasers, boss fights, and more.

Gameplay Sample

Next up is the month of March, won by NESizm by tswilliamson with five out of the seven votes cast. Finally released to our archives after a long break in progress, this impressive NES emulator for the Casio Prizm supports running many of your favorite classic games at full speed.

NESizm running Donkey Kong on a CG10. Click to enlarge.

For April, the program Sudoku CE by Jeffitus took the cake in its PotM poll with ten out of thirteen votes. Featuring fast puzzle generation and a very clean UI, this distraction-free sudoku affords hours of puzzle-solving fun.

A generated puzzle showcasing the UI

May was a hotly contested month with two winners. Tied with nine votes each out of twenty votes cast, this month's winners are Calculator Water Cooling by AlexTheGreatish with LinusTechTips and Plane Jump by Iambian. The former uses a PC water cooling system to "aid" the overclocking of a monochrome graphing calculator. The latter is a recreation of an online game with neat perspective and spray paint and explosions.

Plane Jump Gameplay Sample

In June there was significantly less competition. HUE CE by epsilon5 swept the polls, receiving nine out of sixteen votes. This game is a colorful shooter requiring both accuracy and speed to master.

Gameplay Sample

July had many competing projects but tihle by Tari, a Cemetech Administrator, won handily. This project implements many of TI's routines in Rust without using any of TI's code. It allows for the emulation of many popular games for the monochrome models, notably PatrickD's game Phoenix.

The logo of the tihle project

From August came a flurry of projects marking the start of the school year. The winner this month was Contagion CE by epsilon5 and EverydayCode, with seven out of the sixteen votes that month. This Plague, Inc. analogue has an excellent video to go with it and can provide hours of entertainment.

Gameplay Sample

September had the first release of the Cemetech Userstyles started by _iPhoenix_. The userstyle brings various stylistic and functional improvements to the Cemetech website. It did very well in the polls, recieving nine out of the twelve votes submitted.

A section of a page viewed with the userstyle active. Click to enlarge.

October's featured project was FPGA as ti link cable by rv68k. Written using the Verilog hardware description language, it provides nearly a 2x speed improvement over the official SilverLink cable. It won 6 out of 13 votes this month.

A view of this project in action. Click to enlarge.

November had another tie, between Calculator In Minecraft by _iPhoenix_ and Maze Dash CE by matkeller19. The Calculator in Minecraft thread details the design process of a large redstone calculator that was built up by the author on the Cemetech-MC 1.16 server. Maze Dash is a port of a mobile game with nearly 300 levels. The port has very clean graphics and is enjoyable to play. Both projects received 9 out of 25 votes.

A shot of the underside of the calculator, showing the case and some of the wiring. Click to enlarge.

Maze Dash Gameplay Sample

The last notable project this year, for December, is VYSION CE by epsilon5. The 1.0.0 release of his shell features a spiffy UI, file operations, program launching, and numerous customization options. It earned 13 out of the 19 votes cast that month.

Showcasing menuing and file operations in the shell

That's all from me for this post- remember to evaluate each project before voting in the poll for our Project of the Year!