Cemetech Contest 25 Voting
Published by epsilon5 2 years, 11 months ago (2021-04-30T02:33:36+00:00) | Discuss this article

Let's just ignore the fact the contest ended a month ago, alright
Now that CC25 is over and the judging is (mostly) done, it's time to vote! Thanks to everyone who participated in this contest. The poll will be open for 10 days after this post is published. While screenshots are included, please try the programs out before voting-don't based solely on the visual appeal of the programs. A post with the reasoning for your vote and feedback for the participants would be greatly appreciated, as well. With that said, here's the lineup:

The Quest to Heal the Dragon by Privacy_Dragon (thread)

In Privacy_Dragon's CC25 entry, a text adventure written in Python, the player must prevent a sick dragon from burning down a forest. Be sure to check out the thread for more information and the development process!

MCadmin by ACagliano (thread)

ACagliano's CC25 entry, MCadmin, tasks the server admin of the Cemetech Minecraft server with preventing the server from overheating or crashing for 5 minutes. It features plenty of inside jokes, a nice graph, and real-time statistics of the server. Check out the thread and readme for more information.

Fire and Flames by slimeenergy (thread)
In slimeenergy's CC25 entry, the player must burn down a certain percentage of various buildings with weapons including a lighter, napalm grenade, and flamethrower. With an isometric view of each level, stats screen, and tutorial, it's a very complete and polished experience, so be sure to check out the thread for more information.

Planet Saver by Alvajoy123 (thread)

Alvajoy123's CC25 entry, Planet Saver, is a game in which the player must guide the planet Earth through an endless storm of asteroids, complete with many animations, a custom font, and some screen-fading effects. Be sure to check out the thread for more information!

Flambé by Oxiti8 (thread)

Oxiti8's CC25 entry, Flambé, is not one game, but many. It features a variety of different minigames, from one where a stove must be lit with a match to one where the program itself must be launched within a time limit. Be sure to check out the thread to learn more about the development process.

Hot Chicks by commandblockguy (thread)

In commandblockguy's intentionally misleading CC25 entry, Hot Chicks, the player must prevent a group of chickens inside a chicken coop from dying of either heat or cold by turning a heat lamp on and off. Be sure to check out the thread and readme for more information.

Food Fighter by KingDubDub (thread)

In KingDubDub's CC25 entry, the player must kill waves of sandwich men with a flamethrower. There's also a mechanic in which the sandwiches drop ingredients that can be placed into their appropriate slots in the room to gain some bonus points. Check out the thread and the readme for more information on the project!

That's all the entries for this contest. Please remember to vote in the poll within 10 days, and to give the authors feedback wherever possible. Have fun!