Projects of the Month: September 2020
Published by iPhoenix 3 years, 2 months ago (2021-01-30T17:03:17+00:00) | Discuss this article

September 2020 was a busy month for our members, with many engaged in less-than-engaging virtual classes. We had nearly twenty projects with substantial progress this month. Remember to vote in the poll at the top and leave feedback for the authors in each of the threads.

Here are the projects for September 2020:

  • ACT Helper: RoccoLox Programs released a program promising to help students with the math section of the ACT, a standardized test most commonly taken by high-school students in the US.
  • BASE: From BioHazard, Base is a new TI-BASIC game promising lots of fun while attacking enemies. This game features intense gameplay and a nifty achievements system, with nearly thirty advancements and four difficulty levels. The thread has a download link, go check it out!
  • Caterpillar Puzzles: RoccoLox Programs has started working on a novel game where you take the place of a caterpillar eating fruit in a room to escape. The thread has a screenshot and a download.
  • CE Font-Via-Localization Hook: Ever wanted to install fonts on the CE other than the admittedly quite average built-in font? Iambian has you covered. This project provides a way to give your calculator a fresh look and feel- check out the thread for hilarious screenshots and more.
  • Chip-84 Ports: Resurrecting his old thread, ckosmic shares with us his port of the Chip-8 to the raspberry pi. Take a peek at the thread to see his other ports, including some for graphing calculators.
  • Cow Clicker: TIny_Hacker released his clone of the game Cow Clicker to the TI-84+. It features cute sprites and a cursor that mooves very smoothly, using the DCS libraries. Check out the thread for more info.
  • DCS 7 Clock: TIny_Hacker's clever program modifies its own icon to show the time when it is run, using the DCS libraries. Check out the thread for complete source code and optimizations provided by our helpful members.
  • SI Prefix Appending tool: Iambian's handy new tool uses the homescreen hook to append SI prefixes after calculations. He's produced versions for the 84+/83+ monochrome calculators, the CSE, and the CE, and the source code is available on GitHub- check out the thread.
  • HotkeySE: NonstickAtom785 has written a new DCS shell expansion that allows you to customize hotkeys. It was accepted into the archives and the download link is available in the thread, be sure to take a look.
  • Cemetech Userstyles: _iPhoenix_ has started a project to rework the styling on Cemetech by way of a browser extension. He's received contributions from mr womp womp and ideas from other members- check out the thread to try it yourself and provide feedback!
  • Jetpack Joyride: King Dub Dub has started a CE port of the mobile game Jetpack Joyride. Using the C toolchain and libraries for the CE, it has stunning graphics and the fun movement system that makes the original game so much fun.
  • Math Finder: jake01756's new math utility has tools for calculating various properties of geometric shapes, among other things. The thread contains a download link, a complete list of features both planned and implemented, and several screenshots. Take a look!
  • Maze Runner: BioHazard has been working with a small team of Cemetech members to create a new maze game for the monochrome TI-84+ and TI-83+ calculators. This game has 15 levels to choose from, with the ability to add more in the future. Check out the thread for a download that includes an animated GIF.
  • Pixel Art Creator: This month, RoccoLox Programs has been working very hard on improving and releasing an update to their pixel art suite for the color calculators. Take a look at the thread for a download link and some screenshots.
  • Programmer's Calculator CE: DrDnar has released a major update to his programming utility. It allows the user to quickly perform arithmetic in various commonly-used bases, without having to reserve extra valuable screen space on their main computer. Check out the thread for a link to the GitHub page and some nice screenshots of the new and improved UI.
  • Sonic TI-Blast: Cemetech newcomer Oxiti8 has started work on a fantastic game inspired by the game Sonic 3D Blast for the Sega Genesis. It features some cool art and the thread has a screenshot and a download link.
  • World of Goo: commandblockguy has started work on a CE port of the popular game World of Goo, using the C toolchain and libraries. The thread includes an animated screenshot of a neat tech demo and lots of positive feedback- check it out!
  • Xenon Development: Alvajoy123's shell for the CE learned some shiny new tricks this month, with new icons, a password/pin feature, and more.

That's all, folks! Remember to leave your remarks in the threads and to vote in the poll for the best completed project of this month.