Projects of the Month: January 2020
Published by TheLastMillennial 3 years, 11 months ago (2020-07-15T19:58:24+00:00) | Discuss this article

Wow, January kicked off 2020 with a ton awesome projects! This post is already months late so let's get right into it!

  • (TI84PCE) Binary Convertor Pro | DEV THREAD [BASIC]:
    First off is a useful tool by Alvajoy123 which will allow you to convert numbers to different bases! Although there's no download available yet, there's some good screenshots showing it working well!
  • Bash Package Manager:
    As the title says, user De2290 has created a bash package manager which can fetch a script from an extermal reposity and install it in your home directory. There's a link to a Github page where you can find the code!
  • Bubble Poke Forum:
    dunlavdy has ported a game called Bubble Poke from the Play store to the TI-84 Plus CE! It's a satisfying game, almost as satisfying as popping bubble wrap! There's some eye candy and a download link in the thread so go check it out!
  • CETris, another Tetris game for the TI84CE:
    Minxrod has updated his game CETris, a Tetris game, with a heap of new features, game modes, and bugfixes. If you love Tetris, you won't want to skip on this thread!
  • Dragon Ball Z : Pixel Fusion:
    New user shak0579 has started development on a Dragon Ball Z game written in Scratch! It looks like some good progress was started so go give the developer some support!
  • DZ8x: The eZ80 Disassembler:
    LogicalJoe has started another cool project, this time he's working on a eZ80 disassembler for computers to pick apart .8xp files. There's a screenshot of it working on an example program so go give it a look!
  • FACEBOOK [TI-84 Plus CE]:
    Want to lose your privacy even on your calculator? No? Doesn't matter, EverydayCode has started a full YouTube series on programming a form of Facebook for the TI-84 Plus CE! The videos are well produced and worth watching! Oh, by the way, I'm only sort of kidding about losing privacy on your calculator, go check out the thread for his privacy policy!
  • Forum for OG Pong Program:
    dunlavdy has just updated his Pong program for the TI-84 Plus CE which adds a nice menu and other features. If you like Pong games you'll want to look at the thread!
  • HailStorm CE:
    epsilon5 has unveiled a new project called HailStorm! It's a very polished, slick looking asteroid avoidance game with a variety of beautiful ships to unlock. It's a fantastic looking game and you should definitely check it out!
  • Magic 8 Ball - TI Basic (84/+/CE):
    EverydayCode just released a neat program which simulates a Magic 8 Ball along with an intriguing video of the development process! Fun fact, when I asked the program if you will look at the thread, it said "without a doubt"!
  • Making an RPG:
    FrostyCodes has started making their own RPG game! They've got movement and a shop done so go give the developer some support to finish!
  • Pokemon TCG - TI84+CE:
    Member Argus has taken inspiration from the Pokemon RPGs and decided to start making a trading card game! They've made some good progress so go give the developer some support!
  • System/I MICRON Progress Thread:
    tergav17 has been writing their own kernel and OS! Unfortunately, they have run into some issues with their OS and will be rewriting it. Nevertheless, the thread is full of cool information and tergav17 even got the kernel working on a TI-83 Plus!
  • TI-84+CE Mode7 test (previously CSE):
    tr1p1ea is continuing their development of a Mario Kart style game! This month they added opponents with an AI while keeping the FPS up! Go visit the thread for some eye candy, it's certainly worth it!
  • TI-Planet's "Project Builder" with online CE C/C++:
    Adriweb has updated the Project Builder on TI-Planet, which allows you to make a project alongside an emulator, to support the LLVM-based toolchain. There's a lot more they added so go check out the thread!
  • Zilog Z8671 BASIC/DBG Pocket Computer:
    Last but certainly not least, Botboy3000 has made some major progress and finished his pocket computer! They've got a whole keyboard matrix and the rest of the hardware complete. The whole project looks pretty slick and there's plenty of progress pictures so go give the thread a look!

That's the list for this month, be sure to vote for your favorite in the poll in the attached thread!