Projects of the Year: 2019
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Just because it's 6 months past the new year doesn't mean Project of the Year can stop! There were dozens of amazing project this year and it's time to vote on the best of the best!

  • Project of the Month, January: There was a tie for this month! Nuclear Reactor Simulator [84+CE BASIC] and TI Number Theory repository:
    • Nuclear Reactor Simulator is from SM84CE and written in pure TI-Basic! This is a very feature-rich program (check out a list of features in the thread) and you can currently download the latest version in the Cemetech archives. Check out the thread and screenshots for more details.
    • TI Number Theory repository is a group of TI-BASIC programs by kg583 to assist in number analysis! These programs should work on any 83+/84+ calculator, even older monochromes, and they could be very useful to TI-Basic programmers, so be sure to check out the release on the GitHub repo.
  • Project of the Month, February: NSPICE - A Circuit Builder and Simulator: M4dasOne posted this very impressive circuit builder for the TI-Nspire. So far it looks like this project has a lot of features, with many more planned for the future. Go and show M4dasOne some support in the thread, where you can find a screen recording, more information, and even download the first version and try it yourself!
  • Project of the Month, March: Boxman Arcade Cabinet! [COMPLETE 3-17-2019]: Botboy3000's arcade machine for the game Boxman was recently placed in an actual arcade! The machine and game are both made nearly from scratch, with Botboy3000 putting in countless hours into the construction and design; check out the thread to see where it is now, and congratulate him on his achievement!
  • Project of the Month, April: Another tie! 68k Latin to English Translator and LoopOver CE:
    • 68k Latin to English Translator is Sam's project which is a Latin translation program for the Voyager 200. It works by searching its database for a translated version of the words you input to it, but it is not quite that simple. The thread contains a detailed explanation of the program and how it works, so I highly recommend checking it out!
    • LoopOver CE is from matkeller19, LoopOver CE is a 2d Rubik's cube for the CE. Written in C, it has you rotate rows of numbers to solve a 2d puzzle. This is all very cool stuff, you find a download in the thread!
  • Project of the Month, May: FontLibC---C library for fancy fonts on the TI-84 Plus CE: If you’ve ever wanted to spice your program up with a custom, more detailed font then DrDnar’s C library is for you! It supports a wide variety of customizations so go check out the thread for some screenshots and the project download!
  • Project of the Month, June: Wow, Cemetechians really can't make up their mind, another tie! Bejeweled CE and Blast File Integrity Software:
    • Bejeweled CE is by calclover2514 and it's based on the classic jewel-swapping game of the same name. This game is very complete with tons of features, including multiple game modes, so go give it a download!
    • Blast File Integrity Software is from ACagliano who put the finishing touches on this fully rewritten utility for the CE, useful for monitoring whether your files have been tampered with or even contain dangerous code. Check out the thread and documentation included with the download for more info!
  • Project of the Month, July: Colossal Cave Adventure CE: DrDnar released his port of this classic text adventure for the CE. While it may not have tons of fancy graphics, it showcases FontLibC with its different fonts and the story is true to the original version from 1977. The game is completed, so go and download it from the archives!
  • Project of the Month, August: PineappleCAS - A generic CAS targeted for the TI-84+ CE: Cemetech member squishy created a Computer Algebra System (CAS) for the CE! While it may not be as powerful as the CAS on other calculators, it is still very impressive and can even be accessed through a TI-BASIC program. Make sure to go check out the releases page in the thread and give it a try!
  • Project of the Month, September: HD picture viewer [C] [ICE] [TI-84 Plus CE]: TheLastMillennial's program for viewing pictures on TI-84+CE in their full resolution glory is finally complete! The program was written using C, C#, and ICE, and provides a clean picture viewer for the calculator. Download it for yourself from the GitHub repo and give it a try!
  • Project of the Month, October: Google Apps Script (Google Sheets) Chat Program: CamelCode has completed a project that uses Google Sheets to let you chat with friends during class. This project makes use of the scripting feature in Google Sheets, and is certainly more effective than using a shared Google Doc. Check out the thread for some more details or to check it out for yourself!
  • Project of the Month, November: No completed projects this month.
  • Project of the Month, December: Dino Run CE (Chrome dino game clone): Although we still don't have internet on our calculators, that didn't stop commandblockguy from keeping offline gaming fun! With this accurate port of the beloved dino run easter egg from the Chrome browser, commandblockguy has replicated every graphic, hit block, and even day/night cycle! It's quite a fun game so go visit the thread for a download!

That's all for this year! Remember to vote on your favorite project once you've read through all of them! The project with the most votes will be awarded 2019 Project of the Year. Best of luck to all the entries!