Projects of the Month: July 2019
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There were a ton of great projects worked on last July, and several of them were completed as well. As always, make sure you check out the project threads and show some support!
  • Advanced Wait-State Changer. [TI-84 Plus CE]: TheLastMillennial released a small update of this program that has the ability to speed up parts of your CE! This update adds some fixes such as a hotkey and archived settings list, as well as the ability to check if you're using a revision M CE or Edition Python (neither of which will work with the program). If your calc is compatible, definitely give this program a download from the archives!
  • An XTREME Golf Game: slimeenergy continued working on this puzzle game for the CE. This month he started to work on tile functionality as well as some animations. Go check out the thread and show some support for the project!
  • Android CE: calclover2514 posted another update on his graphically impressive shell, based on the popular mobile OS Android. In July he added an installer that allows you to only install the components you want, as well as some bugfixes in the actual program. Go check out the screenshots and download the pre-release linked in the first post!
  • Bejeweled CE: calclover2514 continued to refine his latest game for the CE. Although the game was released the previous month, that didn't stop him from adding more features and fixing bugs! Make sure you're playing the latest version by visting the link in the thread.
  • Binary Grid for the TI-83+ series: Jeffitus uploaded an update to his binary and decimal game. In addition to vastly decreasing the size of the program with optimizations, he also added more gamemodes to the game. This game is compatible with many calculators due to using the homescreen, so go and give it a try!
  • Colossal Cave Adventure CE: DrDnar released his port of this classic text adventure for the CE. While it may not have tons of fancy graphics, it showcases FontLibC with its different fonts and the story is true to the original version from 1977. The game is completed, so go and download it from the archives!
  • DIY Raspberry Pi Zero Powered Game Controller: matkeller19 posted an update on his custom wireless game controller using a Raspberry Pi. This month he posted the 3D models he is using, as well as a wiring diagram. Go and check out some of the pictures in the thread, and show him some support!
  • DungeonCE Development Thread: Pieman7373 began fleshing out his CC22 entry into a full fledged game! Some notable updates include a minimap, enemy health bars, and walking animations. Go ahead and check out the screenshots in the thread and show him some support!
  • irCE (IRC on a TI84+CE): commandblockguy started working on an IRC program for the CE. This program uses the unfinished USB libraries to connect the calculator to a Pi and send messages to IRC. He has a demo video as well as some more technical information in the thread, so go check it out!
  • Mental Math for the TI 84+CE: Captain Calc posted and uploaded a major update to his math program for the CE. This program is meant to help you get faster at solving math equations in your head, and it features a slick GUI for a BASIC program. Go ahead and download the latest version if you want to get better at mental math!
  • PineappleCAS - A generic CAS targeted for the TI-84+ CE: squishy began to work on a computer algebra system for the CE! While it may not be as powerful as the CAS on other calculators, it is still very impressive and can even be accessed through a TI-BASIC program. Go and check out what it is capable of in the forum topic!
  • Shuffle - Shuffle a TI List Really Fast: Xeda112358 released a program to help TI-BASIC programmers shuffle TI lists. This z80 assembly program (using the Fisher-Yates algorithm) is much faster than the traditional way of shuffling a list (which is quite slow). Look at the thread for more information and the download link!
  • Text to Morse Code! (with screen flash) [TI-84 Plus CE]: TheLastMillennial posted a small update to his Morse code program for the CE. This program is unique because it flashes the brightness of your screen to the pattern of the Morse code you input. He fixed the timing of the flashes and added support for some more characters, so make sure you check it out!
  • TILP: beta-testing...: Lionel Debroux posted another update for TILP, the popular linking software for TI calcs. This month he added some more functionality for lab equipment connectivity. Go ahead and check out the beta download in the thread!
  • Waver CE: epsilon5 released the game Waver, based on the wave mode of Geometry Dash! Some features include completely customizeable colors, high scores, and more. If you've been looking for a new CE game to play, go check out the thread and give it a download!
  • z80 program UN-SQUISHIER: Bio_Hazard1282_rPi3 posted about a project of his that will unsquish any assembly program on your monochrome z80 calc. This program is written in hybrid TI-BASIC, and makes use of the Celtic 3 library to accomplish the unsquishing. Check out the thread to see how it works!
  • [paused] DR1VE updates: epsilon5 continued to work on improving his racing game entry for CC22. This month he worked on adding new features, as well as planning on a rewrite in C. Go and check out all the improvements and screenshots in the thread!
Great job to everyone who has continued to post about their projects, and don't forget to vote for your favorite completed project in the poll!