New TI-84 Plus CE Color, OS 5.4, and TI-83 PCE Edition Python
Published by KermMartian 3 years, 8 months ago (2019-06-30T17:02:33+00:00) | Discuss this article

Cemetech member mr womp womp reports a few new updates to our venerable TI-84 Plus CE calculators in advance of the 2018 Back-to-School season. We anticipated one of them, while the others are (welcome) surprises. Specifically:
  • The TI-84 Plus CE is now available in a new color, Teal, at least in the United States. Mr womp womp notes that the packaging on this new color more closely resembles the packaging on the new TI-83 Premium CE Edition Python (see below). The lede of "Enhanced Graphing" certainly shows where TI's focus lies.
  • TI has released OS 5.4 for the TI-84 Plus CE family. At the moment, most of the new features advertised were available in past OS versions, so please report any and all actually new features that you discover.
  • Finally, and probably most excitingly, the TI-83 Premium CE Edition Python has been released. Back in March, we first wrote about this new calculator, based on research from around the community, including via TI-Planet. It appeared that TI would be releasing a TI-83 Premium CE (the French TI-84 Plus CE) with Python support built-in, no longer requiring the cuboid Python Module TI used as a stopgap solution to add Python to existing TI-83 Premium CE calculators. They have indeed released such a calculator, which includes an ARM coprocessor and extra-fast Flash alongside the TI-84 Plus CE's existing ez80 processor to run Python directly. If you can muddle through French, you can read (or just look at the pictures from) TI-Planet admin critor's writeup and teardown.

What do you think of these new developments? Are you going to try to get a TI-83 Premium CE Edition Python, even though it's not available in the US (it's only 80 Euros!)? Did you find a new TI-84 Plus CE OS 5.4 feature? Let us know in the attached topic!

Teal TI-84 Plus CE TI-84 Plus CE Edition Python