Projects of the Month: December 2018
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After a few months of absence, we're back again with a shiny new list of projects being worked on, picking up where we left: December 2018. It's quite a nice list, with lots of projects, so be sure to check them out, give feedback to the author (if they're still working on it), or even run the programs and games yourself!

  • Announcing Skyrim CE: kg583 continued developing Skyrim CE, a new RPG written entirely in TI-BASIC. He expanded the character set used for displaying levels, such that slopes are possible. Despite the slowness and difficulties attributed with using BASIC, the game looks promising, so go check it out!
  • BOSshell for the TI-84+CE dev thread: beckadamtheinventor has been working very hard on his own shell, BOSshell, trying to make it able to run BASIC and assembly programs (which is of course the real purpose of any shell). He released a few versions, all with new features implemented and bugs fixed. Take a look at all the possibilities yourself!
  • BounCE - A relaxing bouncy ball 'simulator': A new game written in ICE made its way to the world: BounCE. This new program, made by Legoman314, is a bouncy ball simulator with features like accelerating balls, change the background colors, and having... square balls! The source is right in the topic, which means you can compile it yourself and play with it.
  • Boxman TTL: Botboy3000 has made another step with his hardware Boxman. After many other platforms, he decided to make it for real, designed the logic boards and finally ordered them, after which he can start with soldering it and put everything together. Take a look at the topic to see what he's actually working on!
  • CEmu - A CE Emulator: A new version of CEmu is released! The developers worked hard to fix the remaining bugs, while implementing new requests. This CE-emulator is constantly being updated, fixed and improved, resulting in a very stable program which a lot of features, both for the average user and developers. The new additions are for example importing and exporting RAM, and save screenshots directly to the clipboard. If you haven't updated CEmu yet, do it as soon as possible!
  • Don't Touch The White Tiles CE: BasicTH has released his newly-written game in ICE, the famous Don't Touch The White Tiles! This is a piano-like game where you have to hit the right key to touch the black tiles, faster and faster until you make a mistake. Can you beat his highscore?
  • Dr. Josiah Ryan Winslow - the talking psychology bot: JWinslow23 has created an online robot which you can talk to, called "Javascript Operator Specializing In Automatic Handling of Responses You Are Notating and Writing In Neatly Spaced Lower Output Windows". It might remind you of nikkybot, it might give weird and funny answers, worth hours of fun!
  • Generating electricity from sound.: A necro-update from TheLastMillennial regarding his science project, where he tried to generate electricity from sound. Although this sounds spectacular, there is some skepticism whether this would work. But perhaps it could? TheLastMillennial has done some testings, so check out the topic to see the results yourself!
  • HD picture viewer [ICE] [TI-84 Plus CE]: TheLastMillennial has highly improved his program to show full quality pictures right on your calculator. Using a custom palette autogenerated from the imput images, it now shows the colors much better! Want to impress your friends with a nice picture of your doggo? Use your calculator with this neat program!
  • ICEPad: Calcuon has made significant improvements on his new program, called ICEPad. This is an advanced note-editor for your calculator, including colored text and several more features. Take a look at his eye-candy screenshot which he posted in the topic!
  • Mahjong CE: commandblockguy has been continually improving Mahjong CE, finishing game logic, level generation, tile removing, win condition and several UI updated. The isometric look is simply amazing, so check out the program really quick to discover the possibilities yourself!
  • Snake - TI-84+CE: Yet another snake game is created and released, this time in C by MateoConLechuga. The game is pretty simple, but the snake itself has fancy colors and can go through walls. The source is on Github, so try it out!
  • Text Dungeon Progress [Finished]!: [PixelPerfect] has released the first version of Text Dungeon, a maze-like oubliette with roguelike elements full of adventure. Can you survive until the end? Can you beat all the enemies? Go play this game!
  • Xenon Development thread | ICE Shell: Alvajoy123 keeps working on his newest shell, Xenon. So far, many features have been implemented, like running assembly and BASIC programs, a terminal, a bunch of settings and pinning programs. He still has to fix some bugs, but it's definitely ready for usage!

Welp, that was it again! Be sure to vote in the poll what you think is the best completed program of December 2018, and the winner will participate in the Projects of the Year. Stay tuned!