Cemetech Minecraft Server: Lag Eradication
Published by KermMartian 5 years, 8 months ago (2018-06-15T04:05:49+00:00) | Discuss this article

As we continue to look forward to rolling out Minecraft 1.13 on the Cemetech Minecraft Server, we are keen to bring you the best possible experience. Some of our most die-hard members no doubt know that we've encountered interest and occasional low TPS (ticks per second) during busy periods. We have done a great deal of investigation to try to narrow down the cause, so far with minimal success. "But did you try-" yes, we tried that. "Ah, but how about-" yes, that too. "I bet you didn't-" yes, we thought of that as well. Therefore, using our current Minecraft 1.12 server, we're going to apply the scientific method and determine which (if any) plugins are responsible, or if the builds and machines in the world are to blame.

But we need your help. It's summer, which means you no doubt are rolling in free time, so we need you to come visit our Minecraft server and continue working on your towns, your builds, your adventures, and your exploration.
  • Starting this Saturday, June 16th, we will start with Phase 1 by disabling some of our least-important plugins, primarily those that have some aesthetic effect only, or at most some minor effect on gameplay. We encourage as many of you to come and play as possible.
  • In Phase 2, starting next Thursday, June 21st, we will disable another set of plugins, and due to the set of plugins we're disabling, we'll be turning our current graylist into a whitelist (i.e., if you're not already a Member, you won't be able to log into the server).
  • Finally, Phase 3 will begin the following Tuesday, June 26th, during which we'll switch the server to pure Vanilla. It should go without saying that we expect the same maturity and mutual respect that is enforced by our plugins: we will have a zero-tolerance policy towards theft, grief, vandalism, or any rule-breaking, and you will be permanently banned from both the 1.12 and 1.13 (and later) servers.
Therefore, just in time for the hot summer sun and brutal humidity, you should get back into Minecraft, think of something impressive to build, or gather your fellow Cemetechians for some cooperative (or competitive) Minecrafting: you'll be helping us make the Minecraft 1.13 server as fast and enjoyable as possible. See you on the server!