Projects of the Month: April 2018
Published by Nik 5 years, 11 months ago (2018-06-01T13:17:00+00:00) | Discuss this article

(Hey, before you read this post, please take a minute to appreciate the fact that we caught up with those articles and remain up-to-date!)

So, the last month has been incredibly busy. And I mean it - I had to remove lots of projects which would have otherwise been featured here. The post would just get too long without these removals. In fact, I had so many tabs open while writing this summary, that my browser ran out of memory and crashed.
But hey, keep making those projects! We love them! An (unfortunately heavily shortened) insight into what was made in April:

  • Advanced Brightness Utility: So, have you ever wanted to have full control over your CE's screen? Make it really bright when the sun is shining on it? Or really dark when you're staying up late and programming or playing games? TheLastMillennial has you covered! This little program allows you to set your calculator to levels of brightness not achievable by the TI OS.
  • Agario: As a new Cemetechian, misoloo started off with a clone of for the CE. The game runs amazingly smoothly and features a decent AI. Very few additions remain until a release is possible, so you should head over to the thread and show some support and encouragement!
  • Age of CEmpires I: Long time Cemetechian and Admin PT_ has resumed work on his Age of Empires clone for TI-84 CE calculators! Most of the graphics are finished, and you can see the eye-candy in his thread. If you like this classic strategy game on your desktop PC, this is one you don't want to miss!
  • Arduino Stabilized/Guided Rockets: A while ago, theprogrammingcube has already made and launched model rockets, however, he is taking this to a new level by mounting an Arduino and other electronics for guidance. The thread features some nice images and videos which you should see!
  • BasicNote CE: Michael2_3B continued working on his text editor project. There was lots of progress and of course some eye-candy! You should go and have a look yourself, because this may very well turn out to be on your calculator once it's released!
  • Blast Calculator Security Suite: Are you a CALCnet user? Have you ever considered the possibility to catch a virus on your calculator? This is a possibility, so you best protect your calc now! This program for the CE calculators by ACagliano might very well be the first real antivirus program written for calculators. It is in the earliest stages of development, but we are eager to see the progress on such a complex undertaking!
  • Columns CE: Iambian's port of the classic arcade game has seen lots of progress! The thread features some extraordinarily polished graphics and the project is very close to completion. We can't wait to see how it turns out, and highly recommend you to have a look yourself!
  • Gateway to Legend: 123outerme provided a first public pre-release of their desktop role playing game! There was lots of progress, another bunch of stunning videos of the gameplay and overall, the project is nearing completion! This is one you should check out!
  • Arduino-Based Drone: Nik posted a thread for a project he has been working on. The title is pretty self-describing - it is a drone that was made from scratch and controlled by an Arduino. The post is somewhat messy, but it provides a project summary, and a video of a flight. If you're into this kind of thing, go and have a look!
  • JPL: JPL is a game for the monochrome calculator series by TheLastMillennial which allows you to build and fly your own spacecraft. He continued work and made some progress this month. While there is a lot left to do, he has found the motivation to complete and release the project as soon as possible. You should visit his thread and have a look yourself, though!
  • Life Simulator: What you might expect to be another Conyway's Game of Life program is actually a totally different thing! 21tmccauley's Life Simulator for the CE calculators is, in fact, a simulator of a typical person's life. The project was picked up again after a longer delay, but it has seen lots of interesting changes, and we are looking forward to seeing what direction this project will go in!
  • Pi84--: Muessigb's Raspberry Pi powered calculator has seen some hardware revisions, and the first boards are almost ready to be assembled. He also posted a list of the most important components and refined his design. This is a project that we are following with great interest, and if you want to build an own TI-84+ or just like reading through people's hardware projects, you should visit the topic!
  • Stock Sim CE: LAX18 has continued porting his Stock Sim program to the CE calculators. He got a lot of the work done, and documented it with beautiful screenshots. He also significantly optimized the program. We invite you to have a look on your own, though!

That's it for now! Enjoy browsing through this list, and I can only repeat, lots of projects were not featured, simply because they physically don't fit into this post - but hopefully we can show them next month! Finally thank you all for creating and participating in these and other projects, and making this place awesome!

Note that TheLastMillennial's Advanced Brightness Utility is the only project that was completed in April, and, as such, is automatically nominated for the Projects of the Year 2018 poll.