Projects of the Month: January 2018
Published by Michael2_3B 6 years ago (2018-05-02T22:11:25+00:00) | Discuss this article

Hello everyone, and welcome to the first PotM of 2018! This month we had several projects being worked on, and here they all are:

  • Block Party (0808) CSE: Cemetech member mr womp womp has been hard at work at his new Block Party game for the TI-84+ CSE! It is somewhat of an arcade-style game similar to tetris, but with some differences. Go download and play it for yourself!
  • Boxman Arcade Cabinet: Botboy3000 has been developing his own upright arcade cabinet, which will include an implementation of the Boxman game! He's not finished yet, but he has been making significant progress! Go check it out!
  • Cat and Mouse Game: As the title suggests, the goal of this game, by 21tmccauley, is to see how long you can survive while running away from the cats. It looks like he may still need some help with the code, so go take a look!
  • FlowCE [C for TI-84+CE]: jonbush has been working hard to finish his FlowCE game in C this month, and he has! FlowCE is a puzzle game about connecting all the dots on a board without overlapping. The author has shared plenty of progress and screenshots, and has even released the program!
  • Gateway to Legend: This month, 123outerme has come up with a lot of updates for his new game Gateway to Legend. It is an open source puzzle RPG for the PC, and it looks amazing so far! Go check out the progress he is making in the thread.
  • The Golden Empire: TI84pceBasicPro has encountered some problems along the way, but has finally released his Golden Empire game! It is a strategy game based on buying, selling, and investing. Check it out!
  • KryptonIDE: Cemetech member KryptonicDragon has been making progress on his better program editor for the TI 84+ CE! There are still some problems to fix, but it looks like there is a beta version available! Take a look!
  • Self-Defined Object System: Cemetech member shkaboinka's seemingly never-ending project, a new flexible programming system to work with, has gotten some updates. There are still issues, of course, but it appears that he is now able to recode the system itself. Take a look if you're interested.
  • Slender: Identity: ACagliano has been hard at work on his Slender port for the CE. As many of you probably know, Slender is a classic horror game, which ACagliano has set out to re-make, in a way. Check out the screenshots!
  • TI-84+CSE Mode7 test: The Mode7 test is a kind of 3d engine, based on Nintendo's own 3d engine. It is being created by tr1p1ea, and it is capable of reading data from a tilemap to create a world on your very own color calculator. It appears tr1p1ea has successfully tried making a Mario Kart game with it, so go check out the screenshots and progress in the thread!
  • TI-Planet's "Project Builder" with online CE C/C++: Adriweb has recently implemented a new and improved version of WebCEmu in his Project Builder! There is a lot of fun stuff going on with this project, so don't hesitate to take a look!
  • UniChat!: For Cemetech member _iPhoenix_, the month of January saw a lot of work and progress. With help from other members like LAX18, jcgter777, and SM84CE, Unichat is now better than ever. There are different chat boxes, unichat bots, and more!
  • [Web browser] Worldwide Combos: noelthebest has released version 0.7 of his web browser game. It is a 2-player game similar to Tetris Battle, where you must face an opponent and get the most points/combos. Check it out!

And that is all the projects for the first month of 2018! This month saw a lot of amazing progress, and a few completed projects. We look forward to what's in store for next month, and don't forget to vote for your favorite completed project this month!