Projects of the Month: May 2017
Published by iPhoenix 5 years, 10 months ago (2018-04-10T20:48:02+00:00) | Discuss this article

Hello, everyone!

This post used to say something about breaking world records for the longest PoTM delay, and that was nearly 4 months ago. Here are our contenders for the month of May (the May last year, not the one in a few weeks.) Despite the fact that we are "leading the way to the future", we cannot yet see the future clearly:
  • 3D Grapher for the CE: CalcMeister was hard at work this month, creating a 3d graphing utility for the TI-84+CE graphing calculator in ICE! Because of the difficult challenges, (like a lack of trig functions, negative numbers, and decimals, among others) he switched to C, which is a much better language for the project. We hope to see more of this in the future.
  • Asprin CE: Unicorn ported the popular reaction game, Asprin, to the powerful CE graphing calculator, using C. He implemented difficulties and fixed all of the problems in his code, and it has been accepted to the archives. Check the thread for a download link and some amazing screenshots!
  • CalcCrusader: dankcalculatorbro has been hard at work, creating a pretty interesting crusade game in pure TI-Basic, with some pretty sweet graphics! He some pretty awesome screenshots (and a download link) in the thread, and we hope to see more of the project.
  • CalcType for the CE and Prizm: tswilliamson has been working on an advanced "sub-pixel rendering font solution" for the Prizm, and eventually the CE. There are some intriguing examples of how the technique can be used, and more information in the thread.
  • Dragon Warrior-ish thing for the CE: Pieman7373 worked on his really cool top-down RPG/Dragon Warrior port in ICE! He has some amazing screenshots, and even has a semi-working program. He already has the first room done, but we want to see more of this project!
  • Kerbal Space Program CE: TheLastMillennial has been working on his TI-Basic port of the popular game, Kerbal Space Program, to the TI-84+ CE! He got a good amount of planning done, and decided to switch to C after seeing the framerate of his preliminary concepts. There are some pretty cool ideas in the thread, and this ambitious project is quite interesting!
  • Puzzler's Sudoku: JWinslow23 "accidentally made the best Sudoku game out there for the TI-8X+ series" while making this game. There are some cool screenshots and procedurally generated levels make this a game that never gets old! Check the thread for download links!
  • Simple Math Program for the TI-84+(CE) Calculators: Benjamin21302 worked on his math program for the TI-84+ and TI-84+CE graphing calculators! It features helpful tools like a Right Triangle solver and a Quadratic Equation solver (with error checking), among others! The thread has a download link.
  • The Oregon Trail: OldNewTimer made some good progress on his popular Oregon Trail port to the TI-84+CE in ICE! He added animations, a statistics system, and a "Size up the situation" screen. He thinks he is about 70% done with the program! Check out the thread to see his updated screenshots and progress posts.
  • Zombies CE: This shooter by calcnerd_CEP_D got some code enhancements this month and even got bullet holes semi-working! We are excited to see this one completed. Be sure to look at the thread, there are some awesome screenshots!

This was a relatively inactive month for the Cemetech community. The poll is now open for voting! I encourage you to post about what you voted for and why! The June PoTM is in the works, and will hopefully be posted with less of a delay than this one (almost 11 months!).