Projects of the Month: April 2017
Published by Michael2_3B 6 years, 2 months ago (2018-04-08T22:41:12+00:00) | Discuss this article

So at this point it may not even be worth apologizing anymore, but we are attempting to get these POTM's out as best we can. We have some more volunteers that have stepped up to the plate for writing these (like me), so be on the lookout for some new POTM's!

Before we can get to the more recent projects, we need to catch up on all the projects from previous months. You guys have been busy, so there's a lot of them; and without further ado, here are the projects of April 2017!
  • Animal Crossing: CalcMeister has made some good progress on this game for the CE! You'll see he has added some fun features and other additions to more closely resemble the original Animal Crossing game. There doesn't seem to be a download yet but take a look at the neat eye candy earlier in the thread!
  • Axe Nemesiat: Yet another remake of a game, Axe Nemesiat is a game created by Switchblade for the TI 83+/84+ monochrome series, based on the original calculator game Nemesiat (Illusiat VI) released in 2003. It appears Switchblade has made great progress on it already, so go check it out!
  • BigDecimal: c4ooo has been hard at work on his new program, Big Decimal. Big Decimal is programmed to allow you to do precise math with more decimals than you ever could outside the program, and there is even a download in the thread! It looks and sounds amazing, especially if you are needing more precision than the TI-OS gives you by default. Go check it out!
  • City Simulator: Designed for the 83+, City Simulator is yet another game created in Axe by Switchblade, with the goal of simulating the development and growth of a city, in the virtual world. There doesn't appear to be a download available yet, but there is some awesome eye candy!
  • Dragon Warrior: Thanks to the power of ICE, Pieman7373 has successfully made a port of the popular NES game "Dragon Warrior" to the TI-84+ CE! Pieman has been working especially hard on this for some time now, and you can see plenty of screenshots, sprites, and other wonderful progress throughout the thread. Go show him some love and support!
  • Gravity Simulator: Though it's a small program, it's a powerful one. Ordelore has made a gravity simulator for physics, with adjustable masses and velocities. There is a gif and a download in the thread if you are interested!
  • inFINITE: Originally named NDLESS, inFINITE is a fun, endless RPG type game, created for the 83+/84+ monochrome series by Battlesquid. It appears there is only a beta download at the moment, but it looks amazing nonetheless! Choose your character's class, fight multiple waves of enemies and bosses, get achievements and find the easter eggs in this wonderful role-playing game. Be sure to check it out, and show Battlesquid some support!
  • Kerbal Space Program CE: TheLastMillennial has been hard at work on this one; simulation of rocket flight, some neat physics equations, and all that fun stuff is wrapped up in this project. That's an understatement though, there is a lot more to check out in the thread! Go show him some support!
  • KSPedia CE: Created to be a sort of wikipedia tool for the computer game Kerbal Space Program, KSPedia is a program written for the TI-84+ CE by mr womp womp. Instead of being a game which one might expect, KSPedia is a tool which allows users to see tables for all the bodies in KSP, which can be useful while playing the game. Go check it out, especially if you're interested in KSP!
  • Microsoft Excel Game: dankcalculatorbro has made a fun sandbox type game in Microsoft Excel. Currently you can move around in the world and harvest the blocks around you. It looks fun, so go check it out!
  • Mini PC inside an old Gamecube Shell: Back with another wonderful hardware-focused project, Botboy3000 has been hard at work on this; a gamecube shell that is taken and put around a mini PC. I would explain it more, but I think the thread will suffice! There are some neat pictures and progress in the thread.
  • Prizoop (Prizm Gameboy emulator): As seen in the title, Prizoop is an incredible achievement by tswilliamson which allows Gameboy color games to be emulated on a Casio Prizm. There is a link to the download in the thread, and some wonderful screenshots!
  • Programmable modular redstone computer in Minecraft: CalcMeister has created his very own redstone computer in Minecraft, capable of various tasks using various innovative redstone circuits and memory storage devices. If you are interested in Minecraft, this one's definitely worth a look.
  • Superstar Hero: Made by xlibman (DJ_O), Superstar Hero is an action-JRPG focused heavily on killing enemies and buying upgrades as you play the game. There is a lot of eye candy to see in the thread, so I suggest you take a look!
  • The Oregon Trail CE: Programmed in ICE, OldNewTimer has made this game for the CE, based on the original Oregon Trail game. The program allows you to play as a character along the Oregon Trail, buying food, making trades, facing enemies, and more. Go show OldNewTimer some love on this, it is still under development (as of April 2017) but it looks awesome!
  • TI-Boy CE: calc84maniac has come up with a wonderful new iteration of TI-Boy for the CE. TI-Boy is a Gameboy emulator which now allows you to emulate color games from the Gameboy on your very own TI-84+ CE. The video given in the thread looks amazing; I suggest you check it out!
  • TI-Planet's ""Project Builder"" with online CE C/C++: Adriweb/jacobly have put a lot of work into this lately, and seem to have made significant progress! The Project Builder is an online IDE which allows you to write programs for your calculator, as well as share your projects with others, have the ability to do multiuser editing, chat with others, and clone/fork projects. It looks like a wonderful addition to the TI programming community and I would encourage you to learn about it some more!
  • Pirate Space Kitties: From tr1p1ea, Pirate Space Kitties is a fun game very similar to Mario, except with little kitties. Enjoy a side-scrolling adventure while facing enemies with your friendly pirate space kitty.
  • Shades CE: From Michael2_3B, Shades CE is a zen game that mixes concepts from Tetris and 2048. In version 1.2, Michael2_3B has added some much needed features, like a pause menu and a ghost line which helps identify colors. Shades is a great game if you are looking to have some fun for a few minutes, so go check out the new version!

And that's it for April 2017! I would like to congratulate all the Cemetechians that have worked so hard this month, and I encourage you to keep the projects coming! Again, please be patient as we pump out these POTM's; there are so many projects to feature! We'll see you all in next month's article.