Cemetech Introduces Cemetech Mobile App
Published by KermMartian 6 years, 1 month ago (2018-04-01T02:56:34+00:00) | Discuss this article

Cemetech is proud to announce the development of a mobile app. We've wrapped the current mobile website in a special style designed to be easily useable on smartphones, and turned that into a simple PhoneGap application. Alex "comicIDIOT" Glanville spearheaded the efforts to create the app, while the rest of the team chipped in when possible: Peter "Tari" Marheine helped on the backend by ensuring the proper hooks and services were running, Peter "PT_" Tillema wrote a version of SAX that'll run smoothly with intermittent and high-latency network access, and in the rare spare minutes between working on Geopipe and trains, Christopher "KermMartian" Mitchell helped create the page templates.

We're currently testing the app within the administrative team as well as with a few select Cemetechians (whom we've asked to not share the early versions they've been testing). Once we finish building, testing, and polishing, we plan to release the app by May 1st. Some features you'll be able to find in that first release of the app:
  • You can read and post on the forum
  • Interact with users on SAX
  • Read and send private messages
  • Review our site resources
  • View and edit your profile and settings
  • Log in and out

Things that are planned but will happen some time after release:
  • Browse the file archives and read reviews
  • View your SourceCoder projects (it's unlikely we'll get SourceCoder editing or jsTIfied working any time soon, but you can still just use the mobile website)
  • ...is there anything you'd like to see added?

For a brief tour, check out the video below:

Look for it on the iOS App Store and the Google Play store in May. We at Cemetech want you to know that we heard you about wanting a mobile app, and we look forward to helping you engage with our community in new ways.

Edit: As encouragingly few of you guessed, this was an April Fool's joke. It's helpful to us to know just how many of you care about using Cemetech on mobile devices, but we'll continue to address that by improving the functionality of the mobile stylesheet for the website itself rather than spending our already scarce development time on a dedicated mobile app.