Projects of the Month: November 2018
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First of all, sorry for the long delay in writing this news item; like many people December was filled with events and parties, but eventually here it is! November was quite a busy months, with lots of projects being worked on. Let's not wait you longer, so here's the fascinating list with projects being developed in November!

  • A Forth Interpreter/Compiler for the TI-84+: siraben has been working on a Forth interpreter and compiler for the TI-84+. Forth is a low-level language, easy to type, which will be compiled to assembly, giving the user power to do memory management, drawing pixels or sending sound over the USB port. Check out this nifty program and give siraben some feedback on his program!
  • DIY Smart Mirror: Our admin Alex has started a new DIY project, creating a Smart Mirror. This is a normal mirror but with advanced features, such as showing the weather or telling you the news headlines, while you're busy with tying your tie. Despite some problems setting up a Raspberry Pi, he managed to install the needed software. Check out the topic for some more information, or ask the author about his future plans!
  • Don't Touch The White Tiles CE: BasicTH has ported the popular game Don't Touch The White Tiles to the newest TI calculator, using ICE. He managed to get some basic gameplay working, opening the way to other gameplay styles and more features. Take a look at the topic to see what's done so far!
  • DOOM for the TI-84 CE: andymwat has ported the classical game DooM to the TI-84+CE, this time written in C. The current version includes rendering of the main items (wall, sprite, weapon), basic movement and collisions, and a bunch more. See the topic and his Github for more information, as well as an impressive screenshot, which gives you an impression what the game looks like.
  • EnchWood (RougueLike, TI-84+CE) (paused): beckadamtheinventor started working on a new game, called EnchWood. This is a roguelike game, written in ICE, using a small palette, resulting in highly compressed sprites. Currently there's not much information to tell, so check out the topic and ask the author how the project's going and what other features he wants to implement!
  • Grammer 2- The App: Xeda112358 has released a new version of Grammer 2, a new language for the monochrome calcs. She has been working on fixing a few bugs and implementing new features to this old project, yielding in an update. If you're interested in using a custom language for your monochrome calculator, while you always wanted games with impressive screens or animations, take a look at this new update!
  • HD picture viewer [ICE] [TI-84 Plus CE]: TheLastMillennial has finally released a beta of his newest ICE program, called HD picture viewer! This nifty programs lets you display image in full resolution right on your calculator, using the best palette available. Whether you want to impress your friends with photos you shot at a holiday or viewing your a picture of your crush fullscreen, try out this program and don't hesitate to give the author feedback!
  • ICEPad: Past month, Calcuon has been working on ICEPad, another text editor, but this time written in ICE (as the name suggests). The GUI looks pretty simple and clean, such that you have enough space for actually writing notes. The program is in progress, showing off nifty features, so take a look at the topic for more information and a few screenshots!
  • Mahjong CE: commandblockguy started working on porting the classic game Mahjong to the TI-84+CE, a tile-based game. The author posted the first screenshot, showing off what is currently done, and it already looks promising. See the topic for more information about this project!
  • Poetic - Programming for Poets: JWinslow23 has been working on Poetic, a "brainf*** derivative where commands are decided by the lengths of words". This nifty programs allows you to write poetry in Poetic! Explore this program and try out the examples!
  • Skyrim CE Textures: kg583 was busy with improving the textures of Skyrim CE. Please check out the topic and provide some constructive feedback!
  • Text Dungeon Progress!: [PixelPerfect] has implemented fighting in his game, Text Dungeon. Besides that, he has finished all the other enemies, which you can see in the screenshots he provided. Take a look at the topic to see what's done so far!
  • TI84+CE USB interfacing: Mainly MateoConLechuga and jacobly are together continuing working on USB libraries, which many people are waiting for. These libraries can be used for multiplayer games, or providing external memory for the calculator. Even though it's still in progress, it looks quite promising, and we're looking forward what the result will be!
  • ticesnd: USB Audio library for TI-84+ CE: Meanwhile, JackMacWindows worked very hard to improve his USB Audio library, which is a library used to play songs using your calculator, connected to an Arduino/Raspberry Pi with speakers; currently it supports multi-channel audio support. Go write some songs and impress your friends!
  • Tiny Arcade Modifications: ckosmic bought a few Tiny Arcade machines lately, which he modified it a bit to suit his needs, for example putting more games on it. In his topic he posted a bunch of photos, which all looks really nice, so visit this topic and encourage the author to post more information about this all.
  • Xenon Development thread | ICE Shell: Alvajoy123 continued improving Xenon, another shell written in ICE. He is very close to a beta-release, and the to-do-list looks promising. He stated that he needed help, so go check out the topic and see what you can do to help the author realizing his program!

And that's it, folks! As already said, it's quite a list, which will keep you busy for quite some time. Visit each topic, read more about all projects, ask for more information and look at the fascinating screenshots some members posted! We'd love to see how these projects are being developed in the future! Also vote in the poll what you think is the best completed project of Novemer.