MateoConLechuga Demonstrates TI-84 Plus CE USB Library
Published by KermMartian 5 years, 7 months ago (2018-10-16T21:46:25+00:00) | Discuss this article

Over the past few years, Matt "MateoConLechuga" Waltz has made a name for himself, creating well-known projects from Oiram to Cesium to everything in between. He has also worked hard on the tools that now make TI-84 Plus CE development easier than ever, like the CEmu emulator and the C SDK toolchain. Among all that, Mateo has also led the efforts to understand the USB controller inside the TI-84 Plus CE to make it possible for the community to interface with USB devices. His efforts have now borne fruit, in the form of a demo showing reading a file from a USB flash drive.

To make this demo work, MateoConLechuga needed to not only write the underlying code to initialize and interface with USB devices, but also wrote a FAT library. This means that a calculator and a computer with a modern operating system can both use the exact same flash drive. This isn't a first for the calculator community (MSD8x by Brandon Wilson and Michael Vincent holds that distinction), but it's a major breakthrough for powerful programs on the TI-84 Plus CE. We look forward to seeing what the community will be able to do with this, including pitching in to help Mateo test, debug, and demonstrate this capability.

MateoConLechuga demonstrating connecting a USB flash drive to a TI-84 Plus CE