Projects of the Year: 2016
Published by Nik 6 years, 11 months ago (2017-05-11T17:56:29+00:00) | Discuss this article

Although we are quite behind schedule, we haven't forgot about last year's master poll for the ultimate Project of the Year. 2016 brought many lows and highs, there were many opportunities to celebrate and to mourn. But we believe the net result was, for all of us, a great deal of progress, and of course many cool software and hardware projects. In the past months, you have finalized the decisions for the Projects of the Months and now it is up to you, again, to find the best of the best!

  • Project of the Month January: CE C SDK and Libraries
    Mateo has released a packaged system to allow users to more easily write C programs for your CE line of graphing calculators. This seems to be quite the popular step in our calculator community, with all the excitement and hype that has been going on about programming C on the CE calcs. Check out the topic for the links to the packages and updates that have been done since the release!

  • Project of the Month February: Spaze Invaders CE
    JamesV has ported up his CSE project Spaze Invaders CSE to the CE! Check out the topic for some more techincal information on what JamesV did for this project, along with some impressive looking screenshots!

  • Project of the Month March: FloodIt CE
    Michael2_3B has been working on his CE port of FloodIt!, and the screenshot presented looks great. You can also find the download link in the link to the post.

  • Project of the Month April: Minesweeper CE
    Merthsoft has released the final version of Minesweeper for the CE, for those of you needing this game in their lives. It looks well polished and a lot of fun, so get over there and give it a try!

  • Project of the Month May: FlappyBird CE
    Another TI-84 Plus CE game in C ported by Rico. If you're on the internet, it's impossible that you don't know what Flappy Bird is, and Rico's game is a faithful recreation. Check out the topic for a screenshot and download link.

  • Project of the Month June: ICE Compiler
    PT_ has been working on his compiler project, releasing a version 1.0 with some limited functionality. He's added a number of things after that release, so check out the thread to get more information and check out those screenshots showing off his progress.

  • Project of the Month July: Don't Touch the Spikes CE
    Unicorn has been working on his port of the Don't touch the spikes mobile game over to the CE, and has posted up some nice looking screenshots showing off progress. Check it out if you need a good time waster between your upcoming classes!

  • Project of the Month August: Atomas 84+CE
    This game is a puzzle type where you are given atoms and you combine them to create new elements for the goal of getting an element of the highest atomic number. It's an accurate port of a very popular smartphone game, and just as addictive as the original. Check out the thread for some impressive screenshots, a download link, and a whole lot more information!

  • Project of the Month September: Chess CE
    MateoConLechuga has posted up some updates regarding his Chess game for the CE, stating he has upgraded the engine to something smaller, updated the graphics, and numerous other things. Check out the link for a download and screenshot!

  • Project of the Month October: StringToList CE
    A little utility program by MateoConLechuga that converts string data into a list of tokens. Check out the thread for a screenshot and more information.

  • Unfortunately, no project was finished in November, so this position remains vacant.

  • Project of the Month December: Reuben Quest: Lost Between Times
    Sorunome released the long awaited grayscale RPG for TI-83+ monochrome calculators! The thread features some amazing screenshots and download links for an equally amazing game!

Thanks for an amazing year with you people, I really enjoyed it. And, looking back, there is really a lot of cool stuff to enjoy! I hope this year will turn out as good as, if not better than, last year and that we will have a big pool to choose the next Project of the Year from!