PT_ Releases ICE - An Interpreter/Compiler of CE-BASIC
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This may be a bit late, but a certain news editor is nothing if not lazy...

As we all are aware, not everyone knows assembly, or knows it well enough to make functional programs for (e)z80 calculators. In February of 2010, formerly active community member Quigibo released Axe Parser, an on-calc compiled language for the TI-83+ series. As time went on, the language accumulated a multitude of features, including the reading of OS variables, token hooks in the program editor, link support, and so on and so forth. Maintenance was transferred over to Runer112, and since then, the language has grown further.

But alas, Axe has one minor "problem," a "problem" which has plagued it since the release of the TI-84+CSE: It lacks a TI-84+CSE or CE port, and it may never get one. As we all know, the CSE is rather underpowered, and very few programmers have taken interest in making anything similar to Axe for it. The CE, on the other hand, is a calculator programmer's dream, with a 24-bit ez80 processor, a memory mapped color display, and C language support (Thanks for Mateo and others). It still lacked an Axe port...

Until June 11, 2016, when community member PT_ released version 1.0 of ICE, "an interpreter/compiler of CE-BASIC." Much like its 83+ series counterpart, ICE is an on-calc compiled language. Different from its counterpart, it runs *exclusively* on the TI-84+CE (not, repeat, not, the CSE). The goal of the project is also different from that of Axe. ICE aims to be able to compile most TI-BASIC programs on the CE, while still allowing for greater functionality than TI-BASIC. The first release was very limited, but version 1.1, released on July 7, 2016, added more functionality as well as bug fixes. We can't wait to see what the future holds for PT_ and ICE as a project.

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